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from Welcome to My Garden by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2021 Barry B. Wright

Chapter Four
Natalie's Fossil Specimen

Natalie picked up the fragment and began to examine it. With the help of her small magnifying glass she scrutinized it more closely before dropping it into her specimen satchel. She called out to the other two members of her team: “John! Mike! Anything yet?”

John looked at Mike, who was busily digging below the rocky surface. “Mike?” Mike shook his head and continued digging. “Nothing, Natalie. And, you?”

Pushing her glasses back into position on her nose, she shrugged. “Only fossilized wood fragments.”

This was their third summer scouring the Fyles Leaf Bed, a fossil deposit, near Strathcona Fiord on Ellesmere Island. Her research team had already established that there had been a boreal forest in this Arctic location 3 ½ million years ago and that the temperatures then were warmer by as much as 22 degrees Celsius.

At the base camp, John and Mike sorted out thei...

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