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from Angel Maker by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2020 Barry B. Wright

Chapter Fifty-Three
A Tactical Move

Reinhard kept his ambition secreted away, closely guarded, and, with remarkable perspicacity, kept it within the shadow of the fussy, narrow-minded Himmler. Himmler taught him the value of personal files and that the knowledge of other people’s weaknesses created loyalties. Reinhard understood the value of personal files but only if they served his needs. Hyper-suspicious, he saw the complexities inherent in loyalties and their associated emotions as a weakness that he could ill-afford. Survival was the mainstay fueled by his cunning and perfectionism embedded in the apocalyptic thoroughness inherent to Nazi thinking. An ambitious man void of conscience, he had squirreled away and kept up-to-date dossiers on Hitler and Himmler. In Berlin he had built an intimate salon for Party and government members. No ordinary salon, its double walls, monitoring devices and microphones recorded unobtrusively all events within its structure. He relished the growing power he possessed and wielded it like a narcissistic god. His palatial office and over-sized oak desk screamed of power irrevocably in place. He knew he should have been satisfied with his success. But ambition had become his addiction. Restless desire to distinguish himself and to prove his abilities permeated every decision he made.

The large picture window behind his desk afforded a panoramic view of Berlin. A workaholic, his time was too measured and too full to include an appreciation of such a vista. But this evening was an anomaly of sorts. Sipping coffee, he peered down on the munchkin-like figures that scurried below his window. The city stretched before him in stardust and he was taken by its beauty. Long nights and early mornings had become part of his daily regime. Everything now in place, Operation Himmler had been given the final go-ahead for August 31. There was no turning back. This false flag operation against the German radio station at Gleiwitz was the pretext to justify the invasion of Poland. He enjoyed the cerebral challenges it pos...

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