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thought weaver & wordsmith of sorts, book blogger, stargazer, cheese muncher & wine sipper, keeper of lives, time thief, sci-fi nut. trainee nan. cat lover and occasional poet, dreams of swimming with humpback whales.

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a knowing of stars & other trees: a memoir
by nina light

Starting in the 60s and focusing on a house, its four inhabitants and the surrounding hills, A KNOWING OF STARS & OTHER TREES tells the story of a girl growing up, torn between conflicting views of the world around her, of what is and what seems to be and, ultimately, of how she should live her life as an adult. "Sounds interesting!

memories of rich velvet and old brocade

It’s late Spring. The wooden banisters and railings of the porch are entwined with the gnarled wood of the wisteria’s centenarian branches. It embraces two sides of the old farmhouse and frames the views from my bedroom windows in riots of murmuring gree...

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