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About Jina Bazzar: Jina was born in Brazil, where she lived until the age of thirteen before moving to the Middle East. Soon after she graduated from high school, she was diagnosed with a chronic disease that caused gradual vision loss. She became blind at the age of twenty-two. She has since lived in the United States and Brazil again, and currently resides in the middle- east with her mother and kids , where she is writing an urban fantasy series she plans to start self-publishing soon. The first book is called Heir of Ashes.

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Jina Bazzar     (Tier II Newcomer Author )


The curse
by Jina Bazzar

Wanted neither by the Seelie or unseelie, the Dhiultadh are a proud, secretive mixed breed, half Seelie, half unseelie. They took refuge on earth many centuries ago where they thrived with their anonymity, away from their better kin, the sidhe land fee. This story will talk about how Fosch, the clan leader of the Dhiultadh came to be indebted to Oberon, the Seelie consort, and put his entire clan in danger and under the human government spotlight. This is a short story that will give my readers an insight at how the heroine of my urban fantasy series “Roxanne Fosch” came to be wanted by half the preternatural community. "Sounds interesting!"

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