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About me

I'm a Brazilian writer living in Northern Ireland. I have 14 books published at home, but the last one was in 2011. I haven't written much since then and I'd love to get my mojo back in fiction. The word count will be a challenge amidst parenting, dog walking, working and trying to clean the house, but whatahell, let's do it!

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Ana Paula Corradini (Tier V Newcomer Author )


A kid’s guide to first aid: All you have to do in case of emergencies that really matter
by Ana Paula Corradini

The same way bruises and belly aches are cured with special medicines, landing on your bum, feeling separation anxiety for your baby teeth and even missing your granny also demand specific treatment. In this book, little kids will learn what to do in BIG emergencies.

Chapter 1



Symptoms: It is just a fancy name for not being able to go to sleep. You can’t stop rolling around, the sheets feel hot and prickly, as if your bed were a big cactus and you finally remember the answer to that pop quiz ...


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