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When I decided to be a writer when I was ten, I never looked back. Along the way, I’ve done all the usual starving artist jobs (janitor, waiter, bookstore clerk) and a few unusual ones (the 62nd Aviation Rescue Swimmer in the US Coast Guard).

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Roy M. Griffis     (Tier V Newcomer Author )


Historical Fiction
The Old World: By the Hands of Men, Book One
by Roy M. Griffis

A soldier fights for his soul in the trenches of France. A field hospital nurse battles death every day. When duty and honor are not enough of a reason to go on in the hell of a world at war, love gives purpose to their lives. "Sounds interesting!"

The Casualty Clearing Station

The new girl was peering about the tent when Charlotte and Kathleen stumbled in at the end of their shift that July day in 1917. The work itself was exhausting—twelve hours of standing, bending, folding, feeding, bandaging, debriding, cleaning, and sterilizing; only to repeat it all again. Add to that the effort of presenting cheerful countenances to the hundreds of wounded men they passed each day, and it may be understood that their labours were truly Herculean.

Giving a smile to men w...

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