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My name means brightness and is from our family tree, and Wales. My inspiration is from the mythical old family home on the bank of a beautiful river bend in NE Ohio. My ancestors were bold and adventurous—and I too dare to be different.

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Jen Lewis     (Tier II Rising Star Author )

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Coming of Age
Stones in the Road: Book One: The Girl at the Rest Stop
by Jen Lewis

Fourteen-year-old Bryn’s life entwines with the life of a stranger, whom neither believes is God’s answer to her silent plea for help. "Sounds interesting!"

Tuesday's Child Full of Grace

“Stop taking drugs,” heart shouted.

“It’s the last pack,” brain consoled.

“Don’t worry, it will be her last time,”

body whispered.

- Ritusree Banerjee


A young teenage girl, a stoner with a big monkey on her back, was in the back seat of an old car going through the throes of drug withdrawal and not looking very healthy. She had received several hit...

Coming of Age
Stones in the Road, Book Two: No Going Back
by Jen Lewis

A sneak-peek at Stones in the Road, book two, Point of No Return. This sneak-peak is titled "Surprise at the Beach." "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Palaver and the Hitch Hiker

Here's the plan: I'll go in and palaver while you surround them."

"Surround them," she said. "By myself?

— Lindsay Buroker


We get a late start after about an hour nap very early in the morning. We are in no hurry. It’s only about four hours to Amarillo, and we will be stopping in San Jon on the New Mexico-Texas border for a late lunch and some exercise.

Bryn settles in after a few minutes on the road a...

Coming of Age
Stones in the Road, Book Three: A Flower Grows
by Jen Lewis

Stones in the Road, Book 3 of the trilogy, The Flower Grows, is coming soon. In the third, but maybe not the final phase of her life, Bryn learns, “The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come.” "Sounds interesting!"

Preview of Book Three
A Flower Grows

Stones in the Road, a trilogy. Book 3, A Flower Grows, is coming soon.

In book one, PJ rescued Bryn from an abusive childhood and an uncertain future.

In book two, Bryn started experiencing a life she never knew existed. Her druggie parents died in a ball of fire. Had PJ not come along and rescued her from an uncertain fate, it is likely she would have been with them at the time.


In this, the third phase of her new life, Bryn l...

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