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About me

In late 2017, I was at a crossroads in life. Find another salaried job…or retire at age 49. I retired. This first year, I've spent six months writing book 1 of my trilogy, and dabbled in short stories to expand my writing.

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Literary Fiction
Rejections: We all get'em
by Gloria Elle Gabrie

Within this area, I'll share some rejected submissions of short stories. Although I have one novel under my belt, I write short stories here and there to keep my writing flawing and dabble in other areas. "Sounds interesting!"

A First Line rejection

As she trudged down the alley, Cenessa saw a small crack along side a stone in the wall, with a slight golden light breaking up the darkness of the late hour. Never had she noticed it before on her daily trips through the alley, on her way to and from her bread shop...

The Battle Is Coming Home
by Gloria Elle Gabrie

A brief verse written about patriotism and current conditions. Off from my typical writing, it simply reflects a time lost in thought and my pen hit the paper. "Sounds interesting!"

The Battle Is Coming Home

The battle is coming home. It is an inevitable conclusion.

The ideas of few, against a world in number, is bound to create chaos. And once spoken or acted upon, has a shadow that will eventually follow you home. To a home where the rules of conduct are scribed...

Live For Me
by Gloria Elle Gabrie

Short story/Story idea about struggles of a DNR order. "Sounds interesting!"

Live For Me



“Copy. Negative pulse and respirations,” the static female voice on the radio confirms.

“Continuing CPR.”

The scene should have been chaotic, but it wasn’t. The only adrenaline pumping was that of the first respondi...

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