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  from A kid’s guide to first aid by Ana Paula Corradini

Chapter 1



Symptoms: It is just a fancy name for not being able to go to sleep. You can’t stop rolling around, the sheets feel hot and prickly, as if your bed were a big cactus and you finally remember the answer to that pop quiz in school – too bad the test was over 12 hours before!


Treatment: Close your eyes, picture a sheep jumping over a fence and count one after the other until you feel sleepy. If you are not feeling like it, start with tiny lambs and then move on to bigger sheep or even rams. If it is too boring, remember: not all sheep have to be white, and rainbow sheep are renowned all over the world as great jumpers. If you are too hungry to fall asleep, counting candy floss may work.


Loose tooth


Symptoms: As your baby tooth has been with you since you were, well, a baby, saying goodbye is not an easy thing. That is why it insists on hanging on by a thread – and giving you major goose bumps every time your tongue touches it. Yikes. 


Treatment:  As everyone knows, the Tooth Fairy will come to collect your baby tooth once it’s finally out. And as the loose tooth can’t wait to meet the Tooth Fairy, it is time to lure her in even before the tooth decides to leave your mouth forever. Simply spread some toothpaste underneath your pillow – she won’t be able to resist paying you a visit and the loose tooth will come out in no time. (If your mum asks about that funny smell at bedtime, just tell her you brushed your teeth really well.)

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