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by Vanessa Von Mollendorf

Finding your place in a world which has ceased to exist. Forces conspire to eliminate humans from the earth. The Elementals and the Semnothei are left behind and Fayne has to stop the world from imploding. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Seeds of Destruction

28 Nion, four months before the Devouring...

“Kentigem, you know as well as I do that this was foretold. The knowledge remains sacred and it is not for us to interfere or wonder why. It is a necessary evil.” The stern voice of Elder Perger filled the underground cavern and echoed in the dark hollows.

The fire cast eerie shadows across the walls; elongated arms that grabbed at the unwary. Kentigem was tired of listening to the droning voices and their nonsensical reasoning...

Chapter 2
Seeds of destruction Continued

At the very least we need to consult the Divinatione. Perhaps a spell to blight their crops? Force worldwide hunger; bring them to their knees. Only when they are weak will they realise the power of Danu, only then…”

“Enough! You dare to speak her name; to cloud this gathering with your lust for revenge? Twenty years, Kentigem, twenty years we have spent trying to knock sensibility into that stubborn head of yours, and yet you stand there as if you have learned nothing!” P...

Chapter 3

Wind tugged at her long hair. Chareos’ muscles bunched under Fayne as he moved through the rocky landscape. He leaned to the side, narrowly missing a sliver of rock. Disembowelment was thankfully not on the menu. Chareos was a free spirit and Fayne never rode him with a saddle. She allowed him to run, placing her trust in his sharp sight and sharper instincts. He never disappointed. Together they streaked through Barden; Fayne hanging on for dear life. Sphinxes were capable of covering vast distanc...

Chapter 4
Fayne's Return

Blaize was pacing, fast. Her anger rose with every minute that Fayne failed to return. Her fiery red hair sparkled in the last rays of the sun that peered over the jagged, rock strewn landscape. She sighed, wondering how much gossip Fayne’s latest adventure would elicit. She had three more years left before another leader would be chosen for the Aod and she would be damned if she allowed Fayne to put everything she had done for the community in jeopardy. She knew her personal guard were watching he...

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