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from Origo by Vanessa Von Mollendorf

Chapter 4
Fayne's Return

Blaize was pacing, fast. Her anger rose with every minute that Fayne failed to return. Her fiery red hair sparkled in the last rays of the sun that peered over the jagged, rock strewn landscape. She sighed, wondering how much gossip Fayne’s latest adventure would elicit. She had three more years left before another leader would be chosen for the Aod and she would be damned if she allowed Fayne to put everything she had done for the community in jeopardy. She knew her personal guard were watching her from the long shadows that steadily crept from the crags that surrounded Faoi Thalamh. The stories would not originate there; they were sworn to secrecy, but pillow talk was a dangerous weapon, wielded in the aftermath of passion. It was the people around them she was wary of.

It was growing darker and there was still no sign of her wilful daughter. 

Dammit, ...

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