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from Origo by Vanessa Von Mollendorf

Chapter 2
Seeds of destruction Continued

"At the very least we need to consult the Divinatione. Perhaps a spell to blight their crops? Force worldwide hunger; bring them to their knees. Only when they are weak will they realise the power of Danu, only then…”

“Enough! You dare to speak her name; to cloud this gathering with your lust for revenge? Twenty years, Kentigem, twenty years we have spent trying to knock sensibility into that stubborn head of yours, and yet you stand there as if you have learned nothing!” Perger’s fists were clenched at his sides; he made a conscious effort to relax. Elders should always remain in control of their emotions, but the young upstart pushed every button he had. He breathed deeply.

“Brothers, shall we adjourn to the circle?” He looked at Kentigem; a glare that would have stopped any of the older men in their tracks, but had little effect of the young man. He did not even have the decency to apologise for his outburst. Perger shook himself free of the earthly and resolutely set his mind upon the godly.

Around the fire, hands lifted to hooded, white robes and heads were covered. Glances turned inward as each readied themselves for obeisance to Danu. They filed out, collecting their fluarai from the stone shelf. Their shadows danced grotesquely on the rock walls. Kentigem linge...

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