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The Gilded Knights: Heroes of Aezeria
by Virginia Rose

With a chaos-worshipping cult and dragons threatening the world, and the world's supposed hero organization crumbling from within, Seida Mauvir can only do what any woman in her position would; go rogue and save the world herself, consequences be damned. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The streets of the market district were heavily crowded, and filled with a deafening blend of voices. As Seida slowly made her way through the rabble of shoppers, she kept an ear out for any interesting news. If there was one thing the city of Kall was good for, it was gathering gossip. Thus far, she’d managed to gather quite a bit of useful information by simply passing through the crowds throughout the day. 

Perhaps the most intriguing bit of gossip she had gathered was the recent stri...

Chapter 2
Nowhere to Hide

Seida’s feet hit the ground again with a jarring thud. She sucked in a deep breath, feeling cold air fill her lungs again. The air smelled heavily of pine and wet forest floor. The sound of the boys coughing and sputtering as they caught their breath hit her ears as the ringing faded. She opened her eyes and released Sadra and Tauren’s hands. Gregorim seemed to be alright, if a bit disoriented. But Tauren promptly fell to his knees, wheezing and clutching his chest. Seida knelt beside him, pl...

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