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The Vampire Masquerade: A Dark Fantasy Novel
by Virginia Rose

A princess loses her family and her kingdom when a vampire cult attacks. Now cursed with undeath, her deathless life has a single purpose: revenge. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Lost and Found

Victoria grunted as her feet hit the ground. She steadied herself against her horse, glad to be out of the saddle. The ride back into town had been a long, slow, and bumpy trek through the forest. Riven snorted and nudged her impatiently towards the hitch outside the storefront near the water trough. She patted his flank, taking hold of his reins and tying him to the hitching post. While he drank, she unloaded the rabbits she had strung on the back of the saddle and headed into the butcher shop.


Chapter 2
The Last of Her Kind

Once she’d retrieved Riven from his stall and tipped the stable boy, Victoria steered him down the south road out of town. The sun was already beginning to dip below the horizon. It wouldn’t be very long at all now before her prey would be on the move. The sooner she got to this supposed carriage attack, the better. 

Barely a few miles down the road, Riven came to a halt, ears up and alert. Victoria patted his flank and nudged him forward, eying the shadowed forest on either side o...

Chapter 3
A City Up in Arms

It was just before dawn when Tru’Lis came into sight. The triplet sister cities, as it was known. Victoria never liked coming here. It was too big, too chaotic. It sprawled across the river valley for miles. Not to mention the fact that it housed the headquarters of the Knights of L’Oriath, an order of paladins that specialized in hunting the undead. Their keep, housed in the center of the city, never failed to send shivers down her spine whenever she saw its spires against the night sky. It ...

Chapter 4
The Empress Beckons

Giselle groaned into her pillow when she heard someone knocking on the door. From out in the hall, she heard the housekeeper, Marienne, calling to her softly. When Giselle did not answer, Marienne slowly and quietly opened the door and called to her again.

“Sorry to wake you, my lady, but it is almost time for breakfast. Monsieur Baudelaire says he has important news for you.” 

“It is no trouble, Marienne.” Giselle yawned as she pushed herself up and cast the shee...

Chapter 5
On the Prowl

Every bounty hunter doing business in the Ilham District knew that if they wanted to keep doing business there, it came at the price of giving a small “donation” to Favian and his gang of bounty hunters at The Wailing Wretch. Victoria knew, however, that he didn’t have the balls to dare ask her for a cut of her work unless she took a job directly from him. He and his cronies weren’t the most honorable type, but they did good work when it came to killing monsters. By now, word woul...

Chapter 6
An Intruder at Midnight

Nothing excited Victoria quite as much as the thrill of the hunt. The sound of her prey’s feet splashing in the puddles and hitting the ground with their heavy thunk thunk made her heart race wildly. She had always enjoyed the satisfaction of beast hunting. But hunting undead had taken on a new and wondrous thrill. Maybe it was just her desire for revenge that drove her to take down the undead as she did now. Over the years, it had become like a calling she could not resist—like a do...

Chapter 7
The Price of Blood

“Trus’Lis certainly has… changed over the years,” Klen said as he and Victoria emerged from the woods and entered the Dark Quarter slums again. “What happened to this place?”

“What hasn’t happened here? Fires, high crime rates, drug pushing, corruption—Tru’Lis is not a friendly place for the poor.” Victoria shook her head and picked up the pace. She wanted to be one of the first to arrive at the keep to claim her bounty when the g...

Chapter 8
A Little Too Late

Giselle drummed her fingers on the arm of her chair at the head of the table as she waited for everyone to enter the room. Thus far, only two of the five captains of the Knights of L’Oriath present in Tru’Lis had arrived. The long meeting hall table had room to seat over fifty people. Her seat was where the Knight Commander would typically seat during important meetings. Seeing as he was currently not present, that put Giselle as the highest-ranking person in the room. 

Auguste sat...

Chapter 9
A Huntress Names Valerie

“Are you certain this is the place she was staying, Auguste?” Giselle withheld her grimace as they slowed to a stop in front of the Battershin Inn. It was surprisingly large and well kept compared to the sparse cottages around it. The ruckus coming from inside and the smell of beer and bile in the street, however, made her feel dizzy. The sooner they were done, the better.

“Lord Omura insisted that most of the reports of undead bounties confirmed to be killed by the Witch were sub...

Chapter 10
Witch Hunt

Giselle had never found Tru’Lis to be an appealing city to be in. From the dark streets and towering cathedrals and townhouses, it felt gloomy all day long. Despite its forbidding streets and dreary architecture, it was one of the three largest cities in the empire. Scattered throughout the three districts were quite a few locations of prestige known throughout the empire. Sunderarms was the most famous armory and smithy in all the empire, with people sailing across the Green Sea to have the master...

Chapter 11
Killer Instincts

Klen stopped suddenly in the middle of the road. He had taken the form of a sleek, ghostly panther for the journey east. It amazed her how well he managed to mimic the graceful forms of the animals he transformed into, but his use of their senses was what was truly spectacular. As he sniffed the air, the spectral hairs on his back went up. Victoria tugged on the reins, slowing Riven to a stop beside him. She didn’t dismount but followed his gaze out into the high grass that towered on either side o...

Chapter 12

“Please! Mercy! I’ll tell you what you want!” 

Victoria blinked twice as her vision came into focus. The man she was currently strangling with one hand was sobbing hysterically on the ground for mercy. She was covered head to toe in vampire’s blood, so fresh it was still hot on her skin, dripping down her face and onto her victim’s. How she had gotten into this situation was a mystery to her. But she was still alive, and that was all that mattered. 


Chapter 13
On the Streets of Cintois

To Giselle’s relief, everything on the estate was just as she had left it. The guard at the gate waved to them as the carriage circled around to the stairs at the front of the house. No one seemed panicked or hurried. Surely that was a good sign. She stepped out of the carriage once someone opened her door to exit. She thanked the stablehand before walking up the stairs. Waiting at the door was the captain of the estate guard, Jona. While he didn’t seem concerned, his expression did not bode ...

Chapter 14
The Wolf and the Raven

“Tell me where he is!” Victoria hissed as she twisted her dagger further into the vampire’s leg. “You know where your master is. I know it.”

“I swear I don’t know!” Antone sobbed. “Please, Mistress, Mercy!”

“I’m not convinced.” Victoria slammed her fist down onto the pommel of the blade, driving it into his leg all the way up to the hilt. He let out another cry of agony. “Where is your master, worm?”


Chapter 15
First Impressions

Giselle found herself pacing as she awaited the Witch’s arrival. Her familiar—or whatever manner of creature he was—had taken a position in the gravel driveway beside her. The ghostly lion lay with his head on his paws, watching the road with one lazy eye. She’d never encountered a talking familiar before, nor one that could shift its shape in the way she had seen Klen do. Whatever he was, he was remarkable. 

“How do we know this witch hasn’t just skipped to...

Chapter 16
Coming of Age

Victoria smiled as a puff of hot breath blew against the back of her neck. She finished latching the barn door closed and turned around. Riven had unlatched his stall door yet again. The mess of hay strewn across the floor proved that he’d escaped to help himself to more food. He bumped his muzzle into her chest, nickering softly in greeting. She shook her head as she scratched his nose and his cheeks. 

“You’re driving the stablehands crazy, you know,” She scolded him h...

Chapter 17
Lord Alarie

“Valerie!” Klen came sprinting from the front doors of the estate, followed by several guards. “Jean said you sensed undead. How close are they?”

“They’ve taken out the outermost sentries on the road. Sounds like they’re coming from either side of the road. They’ll be here any minute.” Victoria was glad to have her friend at her side. Alone, she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to hold them long. “If I transform again, tell everyon...

Chapter 18
The Missing Piece

Giselle stood in the center of the courtyard as the guards secured the perimeter. Her sword hung limply at her side as she stared at the empty road. As quickly as the undead had come, they had left. Klen had flown off in the form of an owl to see where they were taking Valerie. But there was no telling how far the creatures could travel before sunrise. Riven was making a fuss in the paddock outside the stables, desperate to follow his rider.

“Aren’t we going to go after her?” Jean...

Chapter 19
A Daring Rescue

Victoria wrinkled her nose up at the smell coming from the crystal decanter that Lucaese was pouring from. Despite its rich, ruby color, she knew by the smell that it was not red wine. He poured the blood into two crystal glasses and offered her one as he sat across from her at the small table in her room. He frowned when she refused the glass.

“I do not thirst for blood, Lord Lucaese. I’ve told you this,” Victoria said, doing her best to not sound repulsed. The only thing keeping...

Chapter 20
The Village of Nans

Victoria could hear everyone chatting as she came down the stairs. Jean sounded like he was in high spirits, discussing his own feats of valor with Klen. There were two voices she did not recognize. As she turned the corner to enter the parlor of the townhouse, the conversation stopped and everyone turned to look at her. Klen quickly rose from his seat and knelt in the traditional fashion when saluting royalty in Halaafin—with his right hand balled in a fist and crossed over his heart. The two knig...

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