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The Adventures Of Lucien & Aldous: Vampire Microfiction
by Trudi Hauxwell

Aldous likes the opera and fine dining. Lucien wears plaid and thinks Aldous is a square. But when you're the only two vampires in town you have to stick together.

Lucien & Aldous #1

“Isn’t this illegal?” Aldous asked, as Lucien twisted the two wires together beneath the steering column.

The car rumbled in to life.

“We’re vampires, Aldous.” Lucien responded. “Everything we do is illegal.&rdqu...

Lucien & Aldous #2

Lucien slurped at his bloody fingers. Gobbets of crimson gore oozed down his chin. Aldous was appalled.

“Manners.” He hissed, proffering a napkin.

Lucien grimaced at the crisp white linen.

“Seriously?” he said, sucking a jui...

Lucien & Aldous #3

Lucien stared in glum resignation at the tightly drawn curtains. One chink in their folds and the sun would burn them both to a crisp.

“You appear upset.” Aldous ventured.

“This is the true curse of the vampire, Aldous.” Lucien si...

Lucien & Aldous #4

“I’ve always preferred the eighty-nines myself.” Aldous announced with a noticeable slur. “A more full-bodied vintage for the true sanguinarian.”

Lucien picked a shred of flesh from his teeth with a fingernail. The nail was long a...

Lucien & Aldous #5

Finally, Lucien was reminded why vampires loved Christmas. As the huddled group of carollers trudged through the snow to his front door he turned from the window to face his companion.

“Aldous.” He said, unable to disguise his glee. “Dinner h...

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