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The Demon At The Gates Of Winter: A Wyrd Seasons Tale
by Trudi Hauxwell

The creatures of folklore have returned after two thousand years of exile beyond the veil. Humanity is now at the mercy of the forces of darkness. Only a few individuals have the power to stand in their way; an immortal warrior, a sorceress and a murderous fairy.

Bergen, Norway. 2149
The Party From Tromso

The air smelled of mold and dead things, of old fur and dessicated bones. It was a smell familiar to anyone who worked in a museum. It was the perfume of history and usually Professor Sandvik breathed it in with relish. But not today. Today, the esteemed career whic...

Bergen, Norway. 2149
The Maiden Of Fyrdal

Eight hundred years. To his few human colleagues it was an eternity. To Thorin Grafeldr it was just last week, and the anger that he’d felt then, all the rage and impotence, was like a wound that had never healed. The events of December 1353, when the sun had ...

Chapter 3
The Library of Revenants

Professor Sandvik stood in the loading bay at the rear of the museum, and watched as the last of the Fyrdal hoard disappeared in to the indigo darkness of early evening. The men from Tromso had brought their own small team of conservators with them, and they had mad...

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