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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany Doran

Chapter 27
Love Conquers All

Buck stood back as they all continued talking about different ways to get into the house and make sure everyone remained safe. His heart was aching inside. He remembered when he first met Katie. She was fresh out of high school and raring to take on the world. She always said that she would never date one of her dad's helpers and she turned him down every time he asked for a date. So, he would load hay and watch her try to break horses or watch her when she would feed the animals; he would enjoy the quiet times with her in the evenings drinking tea or a cup of coffee in the morning. Those were special times to him and in instances like this, what he was holding onto to keep him going. Matt stood off to the side and glanced over at Buck. He could tell he was hurting and walked over to him. "Hey, look Buck, I know we haven't really gotten along and I just want you to know that she's going to be ok. They have some really good ideas on how to get her out and this ain't their first time I'm sure in doing something like this." Matt said trying to be as good of a friend as possible. Buck looked over at Matt. "Does she really love me, Matt? Did you hear her say that?" Buck asked as he looked off into the vast field surrounding them. Matt sighed deeply and put his hands in the pocket of his worn out blue jeans. "She didn't say the words but, I saw it in her eyes when we were talking about how homesick she was. That's when she ran out in the middle of the night to come home. She was so determined to get back to Randy--and to you, that she called a cab, put herself on a plane, which she isn't fond of by the way, and flew hours by herself to be with yall again. Now, the words I love Buck didn't come out of her mouth per se' but her actions screamed it." Matt said chuckling. That brought a smile to Buck's face and he couldn't wait to finally be able to hold Katie and tell her that he loves her too. "Thanks, Matt." Buck said as he shook his hand. "Thanks for stepping up to take care of her."

"Ok guys, let's get our gear together and go take care of business," Sergeant Haskins said to his officers. "You guys hang back. We aren't going to have you in any danger either. We can't risk the safety of ya'll either while carrying this out." He went on. Randy stepped up. "Can we pray first before this is carried out? I mean, if anybody can get this finished and everyone safe, it's God." Randy said. They all gathered in a circle, hand in hand, and prayed for safety for the men and women going into the house and for Katie. Frank, Buck, Randy and Matt, all watched the cars speed off up the street. "Well fellows, what do you say we get in the truck and go up at least to where we can see what's going on?" Randy asked looking around at them. "You think that's a good idea?" Frank asked. "I think if we stay a little ways away, it'll be fine," Buck said. "Plus, I would like to be there when they bring her out of the house." They all drove up the street and parked a few houses down. Frank and Matt were in the back while Randy drove and Buck was in the passenger side. They all had the windows down so they could hear everything.

"I made your breakfast darling." Tate said as he sat plates filled with sausage and eggs on the island. "Please, do come eat with me, I know you're hungry." He flipped and flopped his moods so much now. One minute he's in her face threatening her and the next minute he is offering her breakfast? Katie's stomach was in knots. She was in a fog. No sleep, stress and fear filled her mind. She couldn't finish complete thoughts anymore and was getting angry at herself for leaving Matt's and putting herself in the predicament that she's in. "Why oh why," she thought, "couldn't I have just stuck it out a little more in California? I would be safe and Lord knows I could use another one of those spa days again." She had such f...

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