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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany Doran

Chapter 24
Rhythmic Confusion

Randy, Buck, Frank, and Matt, drove around for hours. Randy was so tired he could barely hold his eyes open any longer. He had changed seats with Buck and let him drive while he sat and thought of places Katie could have been taken. Matt yawned and stretched in the back seat. "Why don't we turn in for the night guys." Frank said. "We're so tired we probably wouldn't see her if she were right in front of our faces at this point." He went on as he yawned. Buck looked over at Randy who had his head laid back on the headrest of the passenger seat. "What do you want to do boss?" Buck asked Randy. Randy took a deep breath. "Well, Frank is right. I haven't stayed up this late in years and my mind is nothing but a fog right now. I can't think of anywhere she would be or could be anymore." He said as he looked out the window. Buck made a u-turn and headed back to the house. "Maybe there will be some news from Sergeant Haskins in a few hours and we can get back to it." Matt said. His mind was spinning at everything that had happened in such short of a time period. He couldn't even fathom the thought of it. It's almost as if it had been methodically planned out and then acted upon. No hesitation or nothing. Just grab her when she comes back home and she's gone, vanished without a trace.

They made their way back and slowly walked inside to the living room. They all seemed so defeated that they came back empty handed even though they knew it was a possibility.  "You guys are more than welcome to stay." Randy said sleepily. "I know it's late and everyone is tired. Please, make yourselves at home." Buck walked to the kitchen to pour a glass of water. Randy made his way upstairs and Matt and Frank sat on the sofa in silence, both trying to think of places Tate would have taken Katie. Matt turned and looked at Frank. "Who was Tate, you know, when you hired him? Matt asked inquisitively. "I mean, did he seem like a crazy man or what?" He went on. Frank kind of took offense to the fact that Matt would think he would hire a lunatic but shrugged it off as nerves and sleep deprivation. "He was meek," Frank began. "He was quiet, sincere, had a good resume, and a clean record. No real reason for concern and he didn't really send off any signals that would be concerning." Frank said shaking his head. Buck walked back in and sat down in the recliner. "We have to do something guys." Buck said as he rocked. "Randy is beginning to lose it. I hate seeing him this way." He went on. "We had planned on making a trip to California to see Katie as we sat at breakfast this morning." Buck said as he took a drink. "It was a real blow to him when the reality of this guy taking her set in."         "We'll figure out something guys," Frank said reassuringly, "I know a lot of people in this town and it's an awfully small place to hide. Eventually, you will get ran out of your rabbit hole."

The phone rang waking them all with a jolt. They struggled to open their eyes. On the third ring, Buck made his way to the kitchen to answer th...

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