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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 19
Welcome Home....Maybe?

The flight attendants made their rounds as the flight proceeded to see if their passengers needed anything. Katie requested a pillow. She was a little nervous. It was only her second time on a plane and this time, she was alone. She loved the seat she was given...right next to a window. "God sure does paint a pretty picture." she thought to herself as she looked out the small window. She laid her head back on the pillow as she watched the colors of blue and purple intertwine against hues of pink and white. She fell asleep and dreamed of what it would be like to finally been home. She had been away so long. Not long after she had fallen asleep, the plane shook her awake as they hit a pocket of turbulence. She jumped, her heart raced and she suddenly felt very afraid and very alone. The flight attendant came over to reassure her that all was ok. Her name was Abigail. She was thin and tall. She had chestnut brown hair pulled back into a bun and a pleasant smile. She smelled of Sea Island Cotton and it took her to a time when she was young. Her mom always used a particular dryer sheet that always filled the house with a sweet smell of cotton. Abigail placed her hand on Katie's shoulder and whispered. "It'll be ok honey, just an air pocket, nothing to worry about. Can I get you something to help take your mind off of things; magazine or a book?" She asked sweetly. "I'll have a book please." Katie said smiling and taking a deep breath. Abigail walked away and came back carrying a few books for her to choose from. Katie has been an avid reader since she learned how. She had dreamed of becoming an author and had a time or two, tried her hand at it but let her self doubt diminish her desire. She chose a love story by Nicholas Sparks and settled back down.

Randy woke up early, walked downstairs and stepped out the front door to get the morning paper. He then made his way to make a cup of coffee. How he missed his girl greeting him in the mornings. Maybe he would surprise her and go see her in California. He sat down at the table and opened the paper. Buck came in shortly after. "Good morning, son!" Randy said. "Make yourself a cup of coffee and join me." He said as he pushed out the chair with his foot across from him. Buck sat down after making a tall cup of coffee and took a sip. Randy could see the wear that this was having on him. He had bags under his eyes and just looked beat. "Hey, I had a great idea this morning," Randy said trying to cheer him up. Buck glanced up from his cup. "Oh yeah? What's that?" Buck asked as he sat his cup down. "Well, we haven't seen Katie in over a month, I miss her terribly. Let's surprise her! Let's go to California!" Randy said excitedly. Buck was shocked that Randy would want to travel all the way to California. I mean, sure he missed her but Randy never was one for traveling. "Are you serious, Randy? You think they would mind?" Buck asked. "Well," he continued, "I am sure they wouldn't mind if you came, you are her dad after all, but what I meant was, me...would they mind if I came? I haven't exactly been their son's favorite person." Buck went on as he looked at Randy seriously. Randy took a drink of his coffee and got up and walked to the stove to start the stove for breakfast. "Well, I think it will be fine. I can arrange for someone to look after the place for a couple days. It will be fun, we'll make an adventure out of it." Randy said as he walked to the fridge to get the eggs and sausage out. Buck was excited. Seeing Katie's face. Hearing her voice in person and not just over the phone. Holding her in his arms for real and not just in his mind. He sat at the table smiling. Randy could tell that was just the kick in the pants he needed. Buck actually looked happy again.

Over breakfast they talked of their trip. Surprisingly, they were both excited at the thought of not only seeing Katie, but also of getting away from this mess for a least a couple of days. A vacation. "I think that is a great idea!" Buck said in a loud voice that made Randy chuckle. "I agree, son," Randy said. "Let's take care of some business first. I tossed and turned all night last night thinking of the possibility of Frank being behind everything that's been going on." Randy said as he sprinkled salt over the eggs that were frying in the pan on the stove.

"Yeah, I didn't sleep too well either." Buck said in reply. "I just don't think he would be able to do that and then be able to look us in the face and be so cordial. I mean, I know it happens with psychopaths but, Frank isn't a psychopath by any means." Buck said drinking the last of his coffee. Randy took a deep breath as he put breakfast onto two serving plates and walked to the table. "Yeah, I don't think he is either." Randy said as he pulled out his chair and sat down. They said the blessing over the food and dug in. They finished breakfast ...

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