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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany Doran

Chapter Seventeen
False Alarm

“So, if we find out that Katie doesn't feel for Matt the same she feels for me, would you give me your blessing for Katie's hand?" Buck asked with a hopeful look in his eye. Randy took a breath of reluctance. "How about a first date or second and third." Randy laughed. "Then we'll talk." It wasn't exactly what Buck wanted to hear but he was glad he wasn't being thrown out the door nonetheless. "Deal!" he laughed as he reached across the table and shook Randy's hand. They paid for their food, said bye to Joe and thanked him for the good food and headed back to the farm. When they got there, they saw a shadow looming near the front door. Buck reached under Randy's front passenger seat and grabbed his gun as his adrenaline started to rush. They made their way all the way up to the house and the lights lit up the front of the house revealing a dash of the stalkers profile. Buck yelled "There he is, that nutso stalker of Katie's, stop the car Randy!" He yelled as he had the door half way open before Randy had even stopped. Before Randy could say anything at all, Buck was out of the car. Randy slammed the car in park and went after Buck hoping he wouldn't do anything stupid. He caught up with him near the bushes on the side of the house where Katie's room is. "I almost had him, boss. I almost had that guy!" Buck said breathing heavily. Randy's heart raced with fear and anger. "I'm going to call Sergeant Haskins, they need to be out here a.s.a.p. He may have left a clue." Randy said as he ran to the house.

The officers showed up with a force with Sergeant Haskins leading the packs. Five cars fell in behind his black S.U.V. Sergeant Haskins got out and walked up to the porch where Buck and Randy stood waiting. They shook hands and got down to business. He gave the officers their orders to search the whole property and to be sure to check the barn thoroughly. "Let's go in and have a seat and you can tell me what happened." Sergeant Haskins said. They made their way into the living room. Buck and Randy sat on the couch and Sergeant Haskins sat in the recliner nearest to the fireplace. "Ok, so tell me what happened gentleman." He said as he pulled out his notebook. "Well," Buck began, "we arrived home from dinner and as we were pulling into the driveway, we saw a shadow near the front door. I reach down and pulled my weapon out from under the seat. As the lights hit the house, we caught a glimpse of a man's profile before he took off like a bolt of lightning. I jumped out of the car and ran after him and chased him until we reached the bushes on the side of the house. I couldn't get through that tangled mess, I don't see how he did, but he did." Buck explained growing agitated. "I see," Sergeant Haskins said, "can you describe what you saw when the lights hit him?" Randy stood up."I sure can," Randy said, "He was about 5'11 to 6', thin and had dark brown to black hair. It doesn't at all surprise me that he can make it through that brush with him being as thin as he was. Buck's not heavy by any means but this guy was a wiry fella." Randy went on. Just then, an officer came into the house carrying something in his hand. "We found this out in the field, sir,&quo...

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