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Desires of the Heart
by Tiffany S. Doran

It has been almost five years since Katie has seen him last. After a fire almost destroyed her daddy's farm, Matthew Fuller destroyed her heart. But a newly hired farm hand by the name of William "Buck" Brady, had plans of fixing everything that was in the path of destruction...including Katie. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter One
Love or Lust

She threw herself across the bed and placed her soft face in her hands and her long curly auburn hair fell to the sides. She then rolled to her side. Perplexed, she let out a frustrated sigh. "Do I love him or don’t I?" she said, feeling puzzled. She of course, was talking about William Buck Brady, Brady for short. He was the most handsome farm hand her daddy had ever hired that she could recall. Buck had been working there for the past three years. He began asking her for a date a few months after...

Chapter Two
The Past in the Present

Her body froze. She couldn't believe it was him. Her eyes were focused on Matt. Her mouth instantly went dry and her heart raced. She thought she may faint for a minute and quickly gathered her composure before walking over to greet him with a hug. She remembered the scent...the smell ran through her veins as it had years ago. A warm, calm feeling rushed over her. She realized she had held on for longer than she probably should have as her dad cleared his throat snapping her out of her trance. "...

Chapter Three
Love Hurts

The next morning, the sun rose and shone into the bay window hitting Katie directly in the face. She grabbed the blanket and pulled it over head as she heard Randy make his way down the stairs and start the coffee. She didn't want to get up today. In her head, she boycotted the day and vowed to not get off the couch...unfortunately, her bladder thought otherwise. The aroma of coffee filled the air and aided in her getting up off the couch. She tried to stretch the stiffness out as she walked to the ...

Chapter Four
Joe's Place

The next day Katie awoke unsure of how to feel. Her emotions were everywhere. She wanted to feel normal again. She wanted to be happy again. "Men always complicate the simple." she said to herself as she got dressed for the day. She put on her most comfortable teal blue shirt with a pair of light wash skinny jeans and her light brown cowgirl boots. She did her make-up and put on her new burgundy shade of lipstick, tied her hair up with a white bandana and headed downstairs for some coffee. Rand...

Chapter Five
The Fair!

The sun was shining brighter over the mountain tops and the aroma of the coffee was stronger and more inviting than normal. She sat up, stretched her arms and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She stepped out of bed and hopped in the shower to prepare herself for the greatest day of her life. Downstairs, Randy fixed her a cup of coffee and brought it up to her. He knocked on her door and then heard her singing in the shower. She had a voice as sweet as honey and he always loved to hear her sing. He pushed ...

Chapter Six
Fireworks and Secrets

They made their way to the Veranda that was now setting by the Ferris Wheel. The men who worked the fair had decorated the posts with white and purple flowers wrapped all the way around, intertwined with lights. The lights that hung from the ceiling were tiny mason jars with little lights painstakingly placed inside of them. Katie's eyes lit up when she saw how beautiful something so simple could be. As she looked around, she saw Randy sitting at one of the wooden picnic tables near the Veranda. She...

Chapter Seven
California Dreaming

Matt gathered his things into his black duffle bag and headed to see Katie on their farm. It was almost time to head back home and he needed to go back and see if she was still planning on going back with him to California. He hopped in his car and headed down the road. When he arrived at the farm, he saw several officers on foot and about five police vehicles and one solid black SUV with tinted windows. He slammed the brakes on and stirred up a cloud of dust as he spun his car to a halt. He put it in pa...

Chapter Eight
Cloudy with a side of Bacon

They all had a great time at Joe's that night laughing and sharing stories of old times. Eating at Joe's was always a great idea. The burgers and fries and few rounds of milkshakes always hit the spot. It had taken Katie's mind off of everything. So much so, that she had completely forgotten about the situation that was going on at home. "Well, I'm sure Joe is going to want to close up shop soon, we are the only ones here now so why don't we get out of here so he can do what...

Chapter Nine

As they pulled into the driveway, something caught their attention from the front porch. Something was there that wasn't when they left. A single white rose was lying on the front steps as they walked to the front door. Katie looked at Randy and Randy looked at Buck.

"There's a note attached." Randy said as he reached down to pick it up.

It read "You're as innocent as this white rose signifies. A pure heart and a kind soul, that's why everyone loves you so much, That's why I love you so muc...

Chapter Ten
Beach Trip or...

She woke up the next morning to the sound of their rooster Tom crowing from the back fence post. He was extra loud today, or at least that's what it seemed to her. She pulled the white down comforter back over her head and sighed a deep long sigh, pondering on if she wanted to get up or if she wanted to lie there and go back to sleep. Tom once again started in so she decided she should just get up. "Silly old bird." she muttered to herself and she threw the covers off and got ready to head outside. She w...

Chapter Eleven
Airports and Hot Wings

They got to the airport just in time to have their bags checked in through security. He could tell that she was excited. Almost as excited as the time they snuck away to the fair one day while they were still in high school. He met her at the back fence and they rode his motorcycle as fast as the wheels could take them. She laughed at the powdered sugar he had on his nose from the funnel cake and he laughed at the way she begged him to take her back on the Ferris wheel before they had to go.


Chapter Twelve
Close Call

Matt and Katie were just finishing up their dessert when Maggie and Matt's dad Russell came through the dining room of their home. Katie let out a big sigh, slightly blowing a long stray lock of auburn hair out of her face.

"Wow, that was an amazing meal." Katie said pushing herself away from the table.

Russell came and sat down beside her. He was a little heavier than when they left four years ago. His hair was a light golden brown with one or two grey hairs starting to show. He had laugh ...

Chapter Thirteen
Slow Tides and Slower Kisses

The days passed on and Katie was enjoying every bit of everything that she was taking part in while in California. After dinner one evening around dusk, she and Matt were sitting on the back deck watching the sunset. Pinks and purples swirled around the light hues of blue that still remained from the day as if they were caught up in a lover's dance of passion. Matt picked up his glass of red wine and took a sip.

"I have a great idea, Katie." Matt said as he sat his glass down and took her hand in ...

Chapter Fourteen

Buck sipped his glass of peach tea leftover from when Katie made it last and took a deep breath. Randy looked over at him from watching the ball game. Randy knew Buck was missing Katie almost as much as he was.

"It feels like it's been so long since she left, Randy." Buck said looking at his glass of tea as the ice floated to the top.

Katie had made it a point to call them as often as she could to let them know how she was doing. Buck loved to hear her gleeful voice as she went on about the...

Chapter Fifteen

Katie laid awake restlessly in bed. She was tired from the day at the beach, the walking, the great food. She missed home so badly. The smells of California are of no comparison to the farm. She missed the musky smell of the lush green fields and her daddy's sweet cologne. She missed the smile that greeted her every morning as she opened the door to see Buck. She stared at the dark ceiling, lit only by the light of the moon. She got up from her bed and walked to the window. She stared at the street below...

Chapter Sixteen

The sun was hot on the farm as Randy prepared for the workers to start construction on the small vineyard he wanted added to his land. The grass had been freshly mowed and Buck arrived shortly after and helped him finish up the hard task of getting all the equipment put away and the animals tended to.

"You're a slave driver." Buck joked as he wiped sweat from his brow.

Randy laughed. "Well son, a hard day's work equals a hard day's pay right?" Randy said still chuckling.

Buck finishe...

Chapter Seventeen
False Alarm

So, if we find out that Katie doesn't feel for Matt the same she feels for me, would you give me your blessing for Katie's hand?" Buck asked with a hopeful look in his eye.

Randy took a breath of reluctance. "How about a first date or second and third." Randy laughed. "Then we'll talk."

It wasn't exactly what Buck wanted to hear but he was glad he wasn't being thrown out the door nonetheless. "Deal!" he laughed as he reached across the table and shook Randy's hand.

They paid for the...

Chapter Eighteen
Raining on my Heart

Buck sat by Randy whom, was obviously shaken up by the picture that was found. He placed his hand on Randy's shoulder trying to calm him.

"It just ain't right, Buck." Randy said wringing his hands. "How could he have gotten that picture? That was Franks." Randy said wide eyed and animated.

They both looked at each other in shock. "Could it be Frank?" Buck asked. Randy stood up from where he was sitting and began pacing across the living room floor.

"Couldn't be, Buck. He wouldn't do ...

Chapter 19
Welcome Home....Maybe?

The flight attendants made their rounds as the flight proceeded to see if their passengers needed anything. Katie requested a pillow. She was a little nervous. It was only her second time on a plane and this time, she was alone. She loved the seat she was given...right next to a window.

"God sure does paint a pretty picture." she thought to herself as she looked out the small window.

She laid her head back on the pillow as she watched the colors of blue and purple intertwine against hu...

Chapter 20
Cave of Secrets

Maggie called Randy to let him know about Katie leaving but received no answer. "

"Well," Maggie said to Matt, "We'll have to try again in a little bit. They may be out in the garden or tending to the animals." She placed the phone down on the table beside her where they were sitting out on the deck.

Matt sighed. "I don't know what to think now, how am I suppose to feel, do I just let her go?" Matt asked his mom as his mind spun out of control.

His mom reached across from the chair sh...

Chapter 21
Without a Trace

They all walked back to the security office to pull all the camera recordings from the day so far to see if any had images of Katie on it and see what could've possibly happened to her.

"Here's this morning's footage guys." Frank said, "Let's see what's on here."

Randy and Buck gathered around Frank who had pulled up a chair and sat down to go through the footage. They scanned through what seemed to be hundreds of images. At last...there she was.

 "Wow," Buck exclaimed. "She is s...

Chapter 22
The Fear Within

Katie was growing cold. The fire had started to die down. She could tell the sun was beginning to go down because the shadows had begun to disappear.

"I'm never going to be found, she thought. "No one even knows I'm here and the people that do, were sworn to secrecy." She was feeling so discouraged.

Tate disappeared behind the wall and walked out with a worn blanket. "Here darlin', you look like you could use this." Tate said sweetly.

She grabbed t...

Chapter 23
A House Divided

Matt arrived shortly after midnight. He was drained from his flight but heavily burdened with worry for Katie and for Randy. To think that Katie is somewhere out here in very real danger made him almost sick to his stomach. He still held the letter that Katie wrote him in his back pocket. He blamed himself for this whole situation and with the way he acted so selfishly back home. Throughout the flight, he could only think that if he had handled things differently, this wouldn't be happening. He called a ...

Chapter 24
Rhythmic Confusion

Randy, Buck, Frank, and Matt, drove around for hours it seemed. Randy was so tired he could barely hold his eyes open any longer. He had changed seats with Buck and let him drive while he sat and thought of places Katie could have been taken. Matt yawned and stretched in the back seat.

"Why don't we turn in for the night guys." Frank said. "We're so tired we probably wouldn't see her if she were right in front of our faces at this point." He went on as he yawned.

Buck looked over at Randy w...

Chapter 25
The Chase

Tate banged hard on the bathroom door waking Katie with a start. She was hoping it was all a horrible nightmare. Unfortunately, she awoke still in the bathroom of her prison. She must've dozed off sitting up.

"Come on out of there," Tate said gruffly, "You have had more than enough time"

She heard his footsteps as they disappeared down the hallway.

Katie stood up and walked to the sink and then reluctantly walked out of the bathroom after she washed her ha...

Chapter 26
Delusional Dilemma

Once Katie realized Tate had his leash, she jumped off the couch and ran to the small kitchenette and cowered down. The dog continued to bark and growl and she was trembling at the idea of the dog getting loose from Tate's grip and attacking her. But with a jerk of the collar and a stern voice from Tate, the dog calmed down. "I'm sorry, Katie. We don't get any company and he doesn't know any manners. Please come out, I won't let him hurt you." Tate said apologetically. Katie slowly raised up and...

Chapter 27
Love Conquers All

Buck stood back as they all continued talking about different ways to get into the house and make sure everyone remained safe. His heart was aching inside. He remembered when he first met Katie. She was fresh out of high school and raring to take on the world. She always said that she would never date one of her dad's helpers and she turned him down every time he asked for a date. So, he would load hay and watch her try to break horses or watch her when she would feed the animals; he would enjoy the...

Chapter 28
Vineyards and Victories

They were at the hospital forever it seemed like. They looked at Katie's face and made sure no bones were broken in her face. She was fine to be discharged, just black and blue and a little dehydrated. Buck was fine as well. The gunshot was a through and through so he only needed stitches and some pain medicine. Sergeant Haskins stopped in to check on both of them. "Katie?" He asked as he peeked his head in the room. Katie looked over at him from the chair she was in. "So, you're the girl that's been dri...

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