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  from The Kitten and the Cactus Catastrophe by Tiffany S. Doran


It was early morning and the sun was shining through the window. Awoken by a stream of light, Memphis stretched and yawned like only a curious little grey tabby kitten can do. She rolled on her back and then over again. She batted around her favorite stocking for awhile and then made it to her bowl for breakfast. Her brother Mitchell, still lie sleeping curled up snuggly in their bed. She laughed to herself thinking of how much fun he misses when she gets up first to explore. He usually wakes shortly after she knocks something over and makes their mommy fuss at her. He wouldn't have to wait long before his sister got into mischief. This morning however, it would be a prickly experience.
Mitchell woke up and started eating breakfast as soon as his paws touched the floor and then he laid in the sun and stretched. His black and white coat was soaking up the warmth from the sun when he noticed his sister Memphis, on the kitchen counter. See, Memphis and Mitchell are rescue kittens. They were only four months old when they got to come live here at the place they now call home. They were thrilled to be free and have a place of security and warmth and love.
But their mommy forgot about the curiosity of kittens because she has an older cat who doesn't get into everything. The kittens call him Grandpa. " You know mom doesn't like us up on the counter." Mitchell said to her as she began pawing at the bread bag. " Yeah", she replied with the tag in her mouth, but she isn't in here yet." He sighed a deep sigh and said " Yet being the operative word." Grandpa Cat had mosied upstairs by this time and he himself, was looking for breakfast. They loved when it was time for him to eat because he got special food from a can. Their mommy always says it's only for him, but when she isn't looking, they help him eat it.
"What are you two up to this morning?" Grandpa cat Thomas asked, as he licked his lips hungrily. "We're just doing the usual kitten things." Mitchell said batting around a toy mouse. "Very well, little one," Grandpa cat replied, "And where is that sister of yours at this morning?" Mitchell snickered because he knew that when he told him where she was at, that she was going to get a'talkin' to. " Well, grandpa, she is up on the bakers rack after the bread...again." Mitchell went on. Clearing his throat and rolling his eyes in an oh me type fashion, grandpa cat decided best to just walk away before disaster could strike and he would be caught in the middle of it. " I'll be back little one" Grandpa cat said walking away. "I'm going to lie in the sun and wait for my breakfast."

Just as Grandpa cat was leaving the kitchen, a loud crash came about from the window sill. Mitchell jerked around hurriedly, curious and a little bit afraid. Their mom kept all her favorite things up there so when she did the dishes or drank her coffee in the morning, she could look at them. She didn't really have much in the way of flowers because she was afraid they would eat them while she was gone for the day and get sick, so she bought one small plant sure that it wouldn't be bothered. A ...

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