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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter Eight
Cloudy with a side of Bacon

They all had a great time at Joe's that night laughing and sharing stories of old times. Eating at Joe's was always a great idea. The burgers and fries and few rounds of milkshakes always hit the spot. It had taken Katie's mind off of everything. So much so, that she had completely forgotten about the situation that was going on at home. "Well, I'm sure Joe is going to want to close up shop soon, we are the only ones here now so why don't we get out of here so he can do what he needs to do." Randy said. "Joe." Randy said, "We'll be heading out now." Joe walked over to the table saying " You know for a minute there, I thought you guys may be spending the night." He laughed. Randy cleared his throat. "Yeah, sorry about that." he said. "Please, I was kidding. It's no problem at all. It was nice to have you guys all in here." Joe said placing his hand on Randy's shoulder. They made their way back to the farm and sat in the car with the lights shining on the front. Images of officers searching the property came back to the front of Katie's memory and she so just wanted to go back to the fair and Joe's to once again forget about it. Matt and Buck walked over to the car. "Let us take a look around before you get out." Buck said. "Stay in the car until we come back and give you the all clear." That sat there for about 30 minutes watching them look in all the nooks and crannies of the tree line and where the first pieces of evidence were found. " This just seems so surreal daddy," Katie said shaking her head. "It's like it's one of those mystery shows you watch on television. I wish there were cameras around or someone who will just jump out of the woods and tell me they were just kidding and it is all a joke." Randy kind of chuckled at that idea. "Those poor guys would fall over if anyone jumped out of the woods screaming" he laughed. Katie returned the chuckle "That's true dad, almost worth it if it wasn't such a serious situation." she grinned.

Matt and Buck walked back over to the car and leaned into the driver's side window. "It's all clear, you're safe to go in, we didn't see anything. Matt said. Hopefully, whoever this was or is, saw that there were police here earlier and it scared them off." Buck said. Matt went around and opened Katie's door and helped her out. "Thank you guys for doing this for us, we really appreciate it." Randy said shaking their hands. "I told Joe we would see him in church in the morning. Why don't you two meet us here around nine-thirty for breakfast and we'll head to the service afterwards?" Randy asked. "Sounds good to me," Buck said. "I'll have to decline sir," Matt said. "I have to start getting my stuff together for the trip home on Tuesday." Matt walked over to Katie and gave her a hug. "Be safe Kat," he said as he rested his chin on her shoulder. "If you need anything you call me right away." Katie promised she would and he got in his car and left. "Well, I will see the two of you in before I head out." Buck said. Katie walked up beside ...

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