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Forbidden Desires: Sequel
by Tiffany S. Doran

Daisy May has everything she could ever ask for; a mom who loves her with her whole heart, a dad who is a hard worker and supports them and a grandpa who is second to none that teaches her everything he knows about farming and keeping up with all the animals. She is only missing one thing, love. A new job during her last year of high school leads her down a windy road in search of such a love only to find out, the heart she seeks is forbidden. "Sounds interesting!"


It was a blissful day in the Calhoun home. The weather was once again warm, and the flowers were all growing around the farmhouse. Katie woke up to the rich aroma of her dad making coffee. She sat up in bed and stretched, trying to fully wake from her night’s ...

Chapter 1

Daisy May, Katie and Buck’s daughter, is almost eighteen years old and is as beautiful as Katie but a tom boy through and through. Daisy blames her grandpa, Randy for it. After all, he was letting her play in the mud and plop in the hay since she was two and h...

Chapter 2

"So, school starts back soon doesn't it Daisy?" Robert asked as he pulled stock from the back shelves at the market.

"Yeah it sure does, I will be so glad to be finished and on to college." Daisy said as she fiddle with some twine she fell on the floor.


Chapter 3

The school bell rang loudly in Daisy’s still half-asleep ears. She was not looking forward to school. She wanted to be on the farm helping Randy tend to everything. That is something she could handle. She liked school but as a senior, she was ready to be finis...

Chapter 4

The next day at school, Billy sat next to Daisy at lunch. “How do they even qualify this as food? Billy asked her. “I thought when you got to your senior year, they would have better food.” He said as he picked up his rectangular piece of pizza. &l...

Chapter 5

“Can I help you son?” Buck asked walking up to him.

Billy was nervous and seemed to be upset.

 “I’m just here to see Daisy, sir. My, my name is Billy.” he stammered, as he stuck his hand out to shake Buck’s. ...

Chapter 6

Daisy and Violet clipped, trimmed, and wrapped flowers all morning Saturday. They are planning on having a sale to help move out the rest of the summer flowers before they perished so they have to be perfect. 

“You’re doing a great job, Daisy....

Chapter 7

Katie excused herself to the restroom almost immediately and Buck followed her. Randy was setting at the table quietly.


“I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?” Billy asked, upset that he had offended Katie somehow.


Chapter 8

Katie and Buck met with Randy the next morning at his house after Daisy left for school. They had to sit down and figure this out.

"Well, I did some digging," Randy said, "Tate is still in jail, there is no word of when he will get out, as he shouldn't at all ...

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