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from Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2019–2021 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 11

Randy sat at the kitchen table pecking away at his laptop, a gift from Katie with a cute note attached that said, “Time to join the twentieth-century dad, love you.” He had Daisy teach him how to use it and he has almost become a pro at it. He was searching for fairs close to them but was struggling to find any. “What is wrong with this world?” he said out loud to himself. “No fairs? That’s what’s wrong, people don’t have fun anymore. All work, no play.” Since the subject of the fair came up at dinner, Randy has made it his life’s mission to find one. Daisy came by after school that day to help out with the chores. Randy greeted her at the door with a hug and fixed her a snack of warm chocolate chip cookies as he always did.

“Whatever you do, grandpa,” Daisy began, “never stop fixing me cookies. I don’t care if I’m one hundred years old, always cookies.” She laughed.

Randy sat back down, laughing. “If you’re a hundred years old and I’m still living, I think I deserve cookies!” he said.

“So, what are you looking at grandpa?” Daisy asked as she looked at everything spread out on the table. He had newspapers laid out...

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