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from Desires of the Heart by Tiffany Doran

Copyright © 2017–2020 Tiffany Doran

Chapter Six
Fireworks and Secrets

They made their way to the Veranda that was now setting by the Ferris Wheel. The men who worked the fair had decorated the posts with white and purple flowers wrapped all the way around, intertwined with lights. The lights that hung from the ceiling were tiny mason jars with little lights painstakingly placed inside of them. Katie's eyes lit up when she saw how beautiful something so simple could be. As she looked around, she saw Randy sitting at one of the wooden picnic tables near the Veranda. She got his attention and held her hands up as if to say look at how beautiful. He smiled and nodded his head in response. When she turned around, Buck was standing with his hand held out. "May I have this dance fair Maiden?" Buck said with a slight bow. Katie giggled at how funny he was but at the same time, her giggle became stifled at the thought of how romantic he was being as well. Just like Prince charming in the Cinderella story. If anyone made her feel like a princess, it was him. "You may sir." She replied as she curtsied. He led her onto the greens where there were others already dancing. The song was slow but Katie's heart was beating faster and faster. She took in the scent of his cologne that enveloped her as he pulled her closer to him. His soft tan skin against the white of his shirt, his jet black hair neatly tucked under his cowboy hat, his arms wrapped around her waist was so comforting. She thought to herself how easy it would be to fall in love with him. "Did she already?" She pondered to herself.

Buck felt the same way she did. She just didn't know how much. He never had the courage to tell her. But oh, how He loved having her small petite frame enveloped in his strong arms. The smell of her auburn hair against his cheek reminded him of flowers in the spring on a bright sunny day. Buck knew that his feelings were growing stronger and stronger towards her. Randy watched them from where he sat. He could tell the feelings were there just through the way they held each other. But he also remembered there was another person in this game of chess that was forming...Matt Fuller. "Do you really have to go next week with Matt to California?" Buck asked. Katie had almost forgotten all about Matt. "Well, it would be nice to see his parents and to see how he's been doing there and you know I love the beach." She said with a smile. "Well," Buck said in reply, "as long as the only thing you fall in love with there is the ocean, I guess it'll be ok." He smiled as he held her tightly in his arms as the song ended. They walked to the picnic table to sit with Randy. "Are you guys hungry?" Randy asked. Katie's eyes grew wide. "You mean to tell me you're hungry again after that giant sized hot dog you ate?" Katie asked in surprise. "Oh no, not me." Randy said rubbing his tummy. "I don't think I'll eat for the rest of the day." he sighed. They all laughed. Just then, a man's voice boomed from the speakers that were placed at the tops of the poles placed throughout the fair grounds. Firework time folks!! Keep your eyes on the skies! The man said exuberantly. "Come on guys, come on!" Katie said with a big smile on her face getting up from the picnic table. They all made their way to the Ferris wheel. Randy watched Katie as she stood staring up at the pitch black sky anticipating the first colorful explosion. He remembered her face as a little girl waiting for the fireworks to begin. She reminded him so much of her momma. Life was so simple back then. He knew she had her momma's heart. She surely had her momma's excitement for little things. The first explosion went off. It was red and green and blue. She had forgotten how loud they were. That didn't deter her however, from standing there. She placed her fingers in her ears and cheered for more.

Buck walked up behind Katie and wrapped his arms around her waist. She sighed a restful sigh and leaned back against him staring at...

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