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from Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2019–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 5

The next day at school, Billy sat next to Daisy at lunch. “How do they even qualify this as food? Billy asked her. “I thought when you got to your senior year, they would have better food.” He said as he picked up his rectangular piece of pizza. “I thought pizza slices were always triangles.”

Daisy laughed. “No, they have pretty much always been rectangles since elementary school here. Were they triangles at the school you moved from?”

“I almost always packed my lunch there, looks like I may here too.” He laughed as he took a large bite. 

“Did you have any friends there, like close friends or a girlfriend?” she asked as she shoved a fork full of salad in her mouth. 

“Nah, never any girlfriends. I had a few close friends though. We still talk.” He said as he slurped down his chocolate milk. 

“Hold up, you never had a girlfriend, like, not even in elementary school?” she asked shocked.


Billy was rough around the edges but was still attractive in his own way. She studied him in class earlier thinking about what her dad had said the day before. Billy was tall and had dark curls and dark brown eyes. He has pronounced cheek bones and a well-defined adam’s apple. He was tall and thin, not grossly thin but thinner. He was so friendly. She is sad that others don’t even give him a second thought.


“Nope, I haven’t ever had a girlfriend. I mean, I’ve had crushes and I have liked girls, sure. But no one ever shared the same mutual feelings.” he said as he finished his rectangle pizza. 


The bell rang before she could reply. But she did think of him the rest of the school day. She wants to find out what makes him tick; more about his mom and where he came from. ...

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