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Waiting in the Wings
by Stevie Turner

Waiting in the Wings focuses on my relationship with my mother Dot, and the changes that have to take place in our lives as Dot's health deteriorates as she approaches her 92nd birthday. Taking on the role of carer, I find at last that we get on better than ever before. I realise the effect that old age has on a previously active body and mind.

Chapter 2

           No child nowadays needs to endure a dislocated hip due to a breech birth, and osteomyelitis without the aid of antibiotics. After a traumatic labour at home with no medical aid and helped only by a local woman who is there to ...

Chapter 1

When did that subtle change occur? When did that capable, strong woman I had grown up with retreat into the wings from centre stage? Somewhere along life’s rocky road I have missed the opening night of my mother’s fall into dereliction and decay. Age ...

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