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  from None Existent Life by Stan Law

Chapter 1
The beginning of the end

A cold, dark and wet night was in full swing, a deathly silence fell over the busy city, not car could be heard, not a single house light could be seen, no restaurant could be smelt, yet instead of being cautious of this eerie environment, James was excited to begin his new life.

He looked down over street’s below him aware of what had become, knowing that in this moment there was great joy and yet anguish. He was free from pain, and the mental strains that had become apart of his existence. However what he had not yet realised is, he had just inflicted the most agonising pain on those he loved the most.

Time seems to pass slowly in this new state of being, the cold no longer feels, and sound can not be heard. James takes his eyes from the streets and starts to look forward, at this point you may believe what you have read in books or magazines, you may think that a T.V drama had accurately described his situation however you are wrong. There is no sense of peace or a blinding white light.

James continued to stare into the distance as a dark shadow approached him, for the first time since entering his new reality, a deep feeling started to stir,a feeling of fear and curiosity.

The shadow began to form a human outline, it was of slim build wearing dark clothing, it came closer and James felt paralyzed, he could not move a single muscle, not through fear or anxiety but more of a supernatural hold that this shadow had over him.

The shadow moved faster, it now felt like it was moving at the speed of light, yet time stood still, the face of the shadow had formed a pale complexion its cheeks sunken into the face, closer it came with its bulging eyes which were green in colour. Closer, closer and stop.

James stood staring, The shadow staring back was that of a man, he was old James thought maybe eighty or ninety years his senior, his eyes had dark rings, his mouth consisted of brown gums without teeth, a few thin hairs appeared amongst all the wrinkles, but one thing James was impressed with, was this man's impeccable hair, neatly cut and brushed to the left.

“If you're trying to scare me, it hasn't worked” James told the shadow calmy, he remained paralyzed but without the desire to want to move away.

The shadow was still and silent, just staring at back without acknowledging James’ word’s “I know who you are, and i’m not going with you”

Again the shadow remained still and staring as though he could look right inside James.

“I am you, I am the lies and the truth, the discrimination and the accepting, the hurt and the comfort, I am everything you are and everything you are not” The shadow spoke deeply without regard, and struck a chord of fear within James “I’m dead aren't I” James asked this question expecting it to be true.

“The dead can not feel, neither can they speak or think, the dead no longer exist, your very existence in this conversation alone means you are not”

James stood confused, wondering how this man could be him, how could he be alive and remain floating fifty feet above the rooftops of the city below?

“You no longer exist to those you love, to those that know in your physical state, but you continue to live, you will discover things you never knew about your wife, children and friends” The shadow stood firm, continuing to stare intensely into Jame’ sole.

“What you discover will not always be pleasant, but what you choose to do with your new life, continues, as ever, to be your choice”

There was a long pause, both the shadow and ...

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