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Ally (working title)
by Ruth Virgo

This is the prequel to my book Bad Blood and is written about her younger sister, Ally. The style is very similar although the characters and plot line are different, I'm not sure how else to explain it... "Sounds interesting!"

A Secret

Where are you’re parents Ally? Oh, I know, they’re those two, over there!” Tori laughed as she pointed to a really fat couple near the door.

“No. My parents aren’t coming.” Ally made the mistake of telling them too much.

“That makes you an orphan.”

Ally raised an eyebrow and shook her head dismissively at them, holding in the hurt that overwhelmed her. She wasn’t an orphan. Her parents weren’t dead, only, her life wouldn’...


From that day on, Sam wasn’t as hard on Ally. He respected her trust for him and the way she coped with bullying, to make a joke out of it all. He respected the way that she bottled up her emotions, how easy is it to actually do that? he wondered, Ally had only ever let them out in school once. She didn’t even cry when she tore a ligament in year 4.

Ally respected Sam too, she noticed his change towards her, never contributing any more to the spiteful comments made by Tori. Unfortunatel...

The Truth

Ally had scaled the fence and was running as fast as her legs could carry her, back to her house. She only stopped at the front door where she stood panting as she fumbled with her keys, none of the neighbours must see her. Collapsing on her bed, Ally burst into tears. Why did Sam have to make a joke of it? He could have just said what he thought. I wouldn’t have minded. Now look what I’ve done, I’ve gone and made a fool of myself. I’ll get suspended or something. Sam probably saw...


“Oi! Ally! You moved your seat, why was that?”

“Glad you noticed.”

“Ally, please. I don’t know what I’ve done to upset you but I’ll do whatever it takes to be forgiven.”

“Will you now?” She carried on walking.

“Yes actually, I will.”

“Well, could you please leave me alone because at the moment that is what I really want.”

“Ok, anything but leave you alone.”


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