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Ruth Virgo is writing 250 words a week in the Page-a-Week Writers Club, so check back often for new material! Curious about the Club?

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Ruth Virgo (Tier II Author)

Ally (working title)
by Ruth Virgo

A Secret

Where are you’re parents Ally? Oh, I know, they’re those two, over there!” Tori laughed as she pointed to a really fat couple near the door.

“No. My parents aren’t coming.” Ally made the mistake of telling them too much.


Bad Blood
by Ruth Virgo

This book is about two very different people and hopes to show a true-to-reality representation of how personalities, backgrounds and class can cause conflict in relationships. It explores the psychology behind why we act how we do in relationships in an involving story which keeps you wanting to read on.

Chapter 1

Grab them!” “Run!” “Quick!” Last minute instructions echoed all around the underpass but Matthew Clayton didn’t need to be told as he grabbed the most valuable spray cans and dived into the nearest alley. Matthew watched as the lo...

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