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from Stage 4 - A Personal Journey by Mary Judge-Hubard

Chapter 8


   Living with cancer is full of up’s and downs. There are good day’s and bad day’s. Life revolves around doctor’s visits, medications, blood tests, CAT scans, MRI’s, PET scans.  Chemotherapy treatments and radiation therapy. Many people who suffer with different forms of cancer enroll in treatment trials when there is nothing else available to help save their lives, because Cancer does not go away on its own. The result of cancer is death.

   I have been undergoing Cancer treatment going on two years, and I do have a good quality of life. I am lucky and thankful to be alive, and it breaks my heart when another friend or family member is diagnosed with this deadly disease. I pray one day, cancer will be like the plague of the 17th century. A disease of the past.

   Since my diagnosis I have experience a whole pletera of emo...

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