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Stage 4 - A Personal Journey: Living Life to the Fullest With Terminal Cancer
by Mary Judge-Hubard

I sat in the doctors office with my Mom and Dad. We had finished what was supposed to be a twenty minute MRI. This one lasted two hours. We knew the news was not good, but when the doctor told me I had "cancer". All the pain I have been having made sense. The diagnosis felt like a "Scarlet Letter." Now we could get down to business. I turned to my doctor, "Doc, how are we gonna fight this! This is when my journey began "How do I Live life to the fullest with Terminal Cancer?"

Living Life to the Fullest With Terminal Cancer

My name is Mary Judge-Hubard. I live in a coastal town of Virginia. I am married to a terrific man. I am blessed with two sons, a fantastic daughter-In law, and one Grandson that is the apple of my life. Two years ago, my life changed, and it will nev...

Bucket List

I thought about my life, as I lie in a hospital bed. I tried to convince myself that I had no regrets, but that was not true. I had regrets. It had not been easy to forget about past indiscretions. The adage "Time heals all wounds" worked for me in the ...


   Pain is subjective. Everyone has their own pain threshold. The medical community gauges a patient’s pain level between one through ten. One being the least to ten the worst amount of pain. 

    If you have never experienced chr...

What is Cancer?
Why Me!

The word cancer is a noun. The definition of cancer is a disease that is caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. When diagnosed with cancer it feels like your life has been turned upside down. The disease when spoken aloud, CAN...

Bucket List
The Story of King Arthur

I have changed the names to protect my friends

   Struggling all his adult life with Lymphoma, all King Arthur wanted was to spend time with the son he never knew. This wish was at the top of his bucket list. His dream came true after ...

Chapter 7

 Empathy means the ability to understand the feelings of others.

  Every time a medical procedure is scheduled I become anxious and I feel sad. In order not to let these crazy emotions run my life I turn to my husband, and my Mother. They are my rocks. Everyone...

Chapter 8


   Living with cancer is full of up’s and downs. There are good day’s and bad day’s. Life revolves around doctor’s visits, medications, blood tests, CAT scans, MRI’s, PET scans.  Ch...

Chapter 9
My Friend and Co-worker

  I remember the day like it was last week. I was working at a Boutique Law firm. The managing partner called the entire firm to his office for a firm meeting. We all sat in anticipation. Meetings that were not scheduled meant either good or bad news. Everyone s...

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