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  from The Cat's Lair by Mary Judge-Hubard

Chapter 1
Present Day

     It was one of those days, when nothing felt right. All I wanted to do was lye on my chaise lounge and wait for something to fall from the sky. Margaret, my lifetime companion gardened next to me without a care in the world. Then it happened… driving towards the cottage, around a bend…and through the covered bridge a black vintage limousine cruised at top speed, and ended up in front of our picket fence.  

  Margaret pulls me into the wheelchair. Her fingernails cut into the thin skin on my forearms. The look on her face is eerie, when at first sight of the black Limousine coming towards us, it was as if the devil himself was on the way. To make matters worse the sky turned jet black, and the sound of the insects chirping in the marshlands behind the cottage stops. Silence. Exciting.

   The older gentleman, ran over and lifted me out of the wheelchair. He carried...

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