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The Third Dimension: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
by Mary Judge-Hubard

Two infant girls were separated from their Mothers at birth. One of the babies has magical powers that are said to save the planet in an ancient prophecy. Earth is the first planet to be developed by a group of scientist who belong to the most powerful Army in the world. Will the magical twin fulfill her destiny and save Earth from total destruction? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The Third Dimension

I turn as the night nurse enters the room. She stops at Catarina's bedside. She holds in her hand a needle and a vile. She performs her duty with the grace of a Russian ballerina. Sticking the syringe in the vile of medicine and shooting it into Grandmothers arm. The nurse looks up, her green eyes filled with compassion. “I gave her Morphine, it will help her relax.”

 I think the nurse is trying to b...

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