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from Stage 4 - A Personal Journey by Mary Judge-Hubard

Book 2
The Dream Catchers

  Life before Cancer made sense. Wake up in the morning, shower, dress, coffee and off to a full day at work. Unless, there was a bump in the road, un-employed and looking for a new job or when a family member was in crisis.  Life was an exercise in routine.

   I would like to pose a question? What would you prefer, being filthy rich or free from a terminal disease? Of course, it would be preferable to be both filthy rich and free from a terminal disease, but in most cases that is unlikely. Our society values people for what you have. 

   Money can buy you fantastic medical care, insurance, medication and home health care workers, but it does not buy you a future or independence. Terminal diseases takes away a person right to free will. Instead, bound by doctors, medications, tests and treatments. Being sick means not being able to care for yourself, and it becomes a full-time job.

   I pick freedom from terminal cancer. I have lung cancer that metasized to the vertebrae’s and bones of my spine. The cancer has recently hit my circulatory system. Face it, life is short. The disease is painful. I have outbreaks that my doctor has advised me will never go away, yet I have faith in the medical community to keep me alive for many years to come. 

   When part of a community, when a person get’s cancer it affects everyone. Kindness abounds, and people bring food, and volunteer their precious time to help. I have never felt love from strangers and friends and aquaintces as I have since my diagnosis. I thank god every day. God values people for what they give away.

   Having a terminal disease moves people, and is infectious. I call all those who have come through for me, Dream Catchers! Dream Catchers, are people who have an unconditional desire to help those less fortunate. The sick and the downtrodden. God has placed The Dream catcher’s syndrome in the hearts of all pe...

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