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from The Cat's Lair by Mary Judge-Hubard

Chapter 2- (Revised)
Plane Ride

The Airplane rides

  Margo hands the air hostess both plane tickets. Cleo sits quietly next to the window seat in first class. Margo looks around the airplane cabin. No witches here. It has been only six hours since Cleo had been awakened. Her energy force had clearly not been deciphered yet? The airplane glides down the tarmac and takes off the end of the air strip.

  Cleo wakes up refreshed. For the first time in at least twenty years her legs felt strong, in fact, she felt young again. “I will scream if you do not tell me what is going on Margaret?” The fasten your seat belt sign turns off, and Margo turns to Cleo with her index finger on her lips “shoos. Cleo, I hoped you would sleep until we arrived in California” Margo sticks a needle into Cleo’s neck. “Rest my queen. I hope you do not remember I doped you to sleep but believe me it is for your own good.” 

 Margo begins to devise their next course of action? When we land in California it is imperative to get to our lodgings undetected. The world has changed in the last eighty-five years, two worlds exist, and California is the seat of government for modern Supernatural beings. Here the Queen of Witches resides and leads. We have no papers or identification. Without these documents we are illegal aliens. Cleo’s eye’s flutter, and she wakes up slowly. Margo orders coffee and waters and goes about helping her Mistress wake up.

   The little hairs on Margo’s neck stand up. She shutters. The cabin walls spin. Margo loses consciousness. Cleo wakes up, and sit’s up straight in her seat. Something l...

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