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The Cat's Lair
by Mary Judge-Hubard

The Queen of the witches must find and destroy an evil sorceress and her army of killer zombies, in order to save the world from total destruction.

Chapter 2- (Revised)
Plane Ride

The Airplane rides

  Margo hands the air hostess both plane tickets. Cleo sits quietly next to the window seat in first class. Margo looks around the airplane cabin. No witches here. It has been only six hours since Cleo had been awakened. Her e...

Charleston- (Revised)
chapter 1

    It was one of those days? All I wanted to do was lie on the chaise lounge and feel the heat from the summer rays soak into my creaky bones. Margaret, my lifetime companion, gardened next to me without a care in the world.

    Then it happened...

Chapter 3

  LAX felt like landing on another planet. The airport is full of people from all over the world. Margo’s only job is to keep Cleo safe. Living in Charleston for the last 70 years it was easy to spot supernatural beings from the humans. Witches and vampires had distinct ...

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