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from Stage 4 - A Personal Journey by Mary Judge-Hubard

Chapter 9 What Next Draft
Where do I go Next

Life fighting Cancer

 Cancer patients suffer because of their illness, but it does not mean Cancer Patients cannot find peace and happiness. Every patient is different and depending on where the cancer is in the body will determine the road each cancer patients follows. Cancer is a horrible disease, and I wish one day will be a word of the past. Like smallpox or the plague. 

   During the first year of the sickness I would not look or buy clothing for the next season, and that thought still haunts me. I had no Idea I would be here to wear them. I love fashion and on my first-year alive anniversary I bought an outfit for summer and ordered a year of Vogue Magazine. That was a big hurtle for me. Planning for the future. 

   I dream of a day when a cure for cancer is found, and it is a disease of the past. Conspiracy theories abound. Stating such ideas as, there is a cure for cancer, but it is only available to the top one percent of rich folks. Another theory I have heard is that treating cancer is big business and curing cancer does not make good business sense. I cannot imagine anyone letting millions of people suffer. I do not buy into conspiracy theories. Call me naive? 

     When I go to my Oncologist office the first thing I do is stand in line to get my blood drawn. We go in groups, and it continues all day. Cancer in my observation is an epidemic. Brave people from all walks of life fighting cancer the only way they know how. Life is sacred, and it may sound funny I fear the most if cancer kills me I cannot take care of those who need me. Leaving my family and friends who depend on me. I am lucky I have had time to prepare them. I have had cancer for a little over two years. Now ever...

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