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Mary Judge-Hubard (Tier II Author)

The Discovery: Dedcated to my Grandson Hudson Bond
by Mary Judge-Hubard

A Christmas adventure story Part One

The Discovery
Part One

    “David, were nearly bankrupt, can you guarantee success?” “There are no guarantees in fishing J.B., but rest assured I’m talking about a virgin cove filled with schools of fish. No one knows about it, yet.” “You’re asking...

The Cat's Lair
by Mary Judge-Hubard

The Queen of the witches must find and destroy an evil sorceress and her army of killer zombies, in order to save the world from total destruction.

Chapter 1

     It was one of those days, when nothing felt right. All I wanted to do was lye on my chaise lounge and wait for something to fall from the sky. Margaret, my lifetime companion gardened next to me without a care in the world. Then it happened… driving towar...

Stage 4 - A Personal Journey: Living Life to the Fullest With Terminal Cancer
by Mary Judge-Hubard

I sat in the doctors office with my Mom and Dad. We had finished what was supposed to be a twenty minute MRI. This one lasted two hours. We knew the news was not good, but when the doctor told me I had "cancer". All the pain I have been having made sense. The diagnosis felt like a "Scarlet Letter." Now we could get down to business. I turned to my doctor, "Doc, how are we gonna fight this! This is when my journey began "How do I Live life to the fullest with Terminal Cancer?"


My name is Mary Hubard. I am a 55-year-old wife, mother of two sons, and one grandson. I have stage 4 lung cancer, that metastasized in the bones of the vertebra of my neck and spine. This type of cancer will never go way, or even into remission. I will fight the disease my entire life. ...

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