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  from IT CAN'T BE ME by Rachid Choaibi

Chapter 1
It Had Happened

I felt compelled to open my eyes. I anticipated the familiar feeling of inner emptiness, accompanied by a wall of noise. I opened my eyes slowly. Nothing. Empty and calm. An unfamiliar ceiling, slightly recognisable. Four pale walls. No wall of sound. Just the light hanging from the ceiling centre unilluminated. Watching me knowingly.

Natural light was more prominent from the end my feet faced. Opposite from where the black door remained securely locked. I remembered the difinitiive sound of that door locking. The end. The beginning?

I couldn't remember how long I'd been in the room. It didn't matter. Looking back passed my feet again, the natural pale light coming from the window was far more significant. It fuelled my soul with something I yearned for. Something I'd once known. Something my existence now surely needed. More than anything.

The cold stone floor greeted my feet a lot sooner than I expected as I swung my legs off the bed. I stood up. Tall and with purpose. The light from the square frame in the wa...

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