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The Devil Within Us
by Peter C Whitaker

A fast paced thriller set in 1933. The shadow of World War One is receding, but the fear of another global conflict is growing. On a mountain that sits on the border between the United States and Canada a man calling himself Mephistopheles threatens world peace with an arsenal of advanced weaponry never before seen. A group of foreign agents form an alliance of expediency to answer the threat of the mad man on the mountain, but nothing and no one is exactly as they seem. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

The cable car door opened.

“Ladies first,” Hartmann smiled.

He held his Mauser in his right hand, gesturing her forward with his left. Artemisia stepped forward obligingly. She was wearing a trouser suit underneath her coat....

Chapter 1

Chapter One

“Ciao, mio caro!” Artemisia Montessori pulled down the scarf that covered her lower face and smiled sweetly.

“Ciao!” Gianfranco Cappucci, better known as ‘Frank’, responded with a smile of his own.

The bullet pierc...

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

The squad of four men turned the corner and stopped. Doc Hunter did not. He had heard their footsteps on the hard floor of the corridor and accelerated. His huge frame collided with the uniformed guards. Two were knocked to the floor by the force...

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