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Angels rescued me in my time of need.

Recently, I had eye surgery at Landstuhl Army Hospital. My surgeon scheduled me for a checkup the following morning. After my doctor had cleared me to go home, I returned to my hotel room to pack. With my mind focused on getting back home, little did I know that I was about to experience an event that would affect me in a most profound way. 

Still tired from the surgery, I wasn’t looking forward to the long hour-and-a-half drive back home. Before leaving my hotel room, I did a quick scan of my room and the bathroom to make sure I had not forgotten anything. After slinging my purse over my shoulder, I grabbed my suitcase and my tote bag and dragged them behind me as I walked out of the room. 

I stopped at the top of the stairs. Unfortunately, the nagging arthritic pain in my knees reminded me that I had to be careful and take my time going down the steep steps. Pausing, I took a deep breath and silently prayed for divine intervention. I didn’t want to have an accident and injure myself. 

Walking a bit unsteady, I winced as I took the first step down. My knees were killing me. Within seconds after taking the second step, my knees gave out and made me lose the balance I thought I had. To help break my fall, I grabbed the railing to keep from slipping further down the stairs. As a result, I had to let go of everything in my hands. All hell broke loose. My suitcase and tote bag tumbled wildly down the stairs, making loud noises before crashing to the floor! To make matters worse, all the contents of my tote bag spilled out on the floor, too. Dammit! Fending off this embarrassing accident, I held on to a slive of consolation. At least all my stuff was already on the first floor, so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting it all d...

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