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Christmas had a spiritual message for me.

What are the odds of strange things happening at any given time? Something out of the ordinary happened to me today. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or a miracle.

One of my Army buddies came to visit me for two weeks. We tooled around Germany and went to France twice. We had a great time. I took her to eat at French, Moroccan, and German restaurants. Unfortunately, all our fun came to a crashing halt when it was time for her to return to the USA. Two weeks was not long enough for her visit.

I drove her to the Frankfurt International Airport this morning. After getting my parking ticket, I found a spot that turned out to be quite a walking distance for both of us from the main entrance to the airport. The first thing we did was get one of those large metal carts for her luggage. 

After loading her bags onto the cart, we walked the distance of about a mile down the long corridor on Level 2 at the airport. We finally reached the double doors, which allowed us entry into the airport. Then, we pushed the cart to the Lufthansa special assistance check-in counter. 

Unfortunately, both of us suffer from bad knees from our Army days and have difficulty walking great distances. She had her walking cane with her, but I regretted that I forgot mine in my car. Since she requested specialized help from Lufthansa, she got a courtesy ride to their security check-in area.

After she checked in, we waited for a driver with an electric car to take us to the security check-in area. When we arrived there, my Army buddy and I got out of the electric car to hug and say our goodbyes. I watched her as she went through the security check with no problems.

Knowing that I had quite a walking distance ahead of me to get to the area to pay for my parking, I asked the driver if she could take me to the closest elevator. From there, I wouldn’t have that far to walk to get to a parking ticket machine before heading to my car. She told me that it would not be a problem. Feeling thankful, I got back into the car, and then she took off. 

I knew that I had put my parking ticket in my left coat pocket. So I reached in to get it but couldn’t find it. I didn’t panic yet, but I checked my other coat pocket and couldn’t find it in there either. I thought I might have gone into my coat pocket for something and accidentally pulled out my parking ticket. I thought I may have dropped it somewhere on the floor on the ride to the security check-in area. That’s when I panicked.

I told the driver that I couldn’t find my parking ticket. She l...

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