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from Love's Critical Ground by L.K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2017–2021 Lasrry K. Thompson

Chapter 34


The Peace Negotiation City

The International Negotiating Table

Representatives Of The DPRK, ROK, and USA

A Week Later at 1330 hours Sierra



Comment of the Moment: “The CO USFK lost his temper. He shouted, “You’re a damned liar.”



The diplomats from the DPRK had entered the conference room and had seated themselves and were followed by diplomats from the ROK and the USA. Representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency were seated. Finally, the CO of the USFK seated himself. Seated behind him was the Intelligence General from Washington. Seated behind him was COL Bessemer. Seated across from the CO of the USFK, in the chair of the Chief DPRK Negotiator, was General Jagwi.

A gallery for witnesses was allowed this time. In the gallery members of the news media and their audio and video recorders were seated as were Spence, Harvey, Mungo, Aleumdaun, Slover, Cruz, Dude and Cowboy.

On General Jagwi’s side, the gallery contained the communist media and foreign dignitaries. A Chinese ambassador sat talking quietly with the DPRK Security Chief. The Security Chief pointed out members of the American delegation and gave explanations of what he knew about each from intercepted Satphone calls and Intelligence gathered. A Somali diplomat, an Iranian diplomat, a Pakistani diplomat and a Russia diplomat sat behind them taking notes.

Introductions at the negotiating table were made. The Swiss diplomat, who served as the Chief Moderator, laid the ground rules for the conduct of the meeting.

He spoke through translators for each side. He said, “I will now read the list of charges leveled by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea against the Republic of Korea and the United States of America.”

At that moment, an American aide entered the negotiation room and quietly handed the CO USFK a folded piece of paper. He read it. He read it again. He handed it to the Intelligence General behind him. The General read it. Then he handed it to Bessemer who read it. He snorted in disgust and handed it to Spence. The reaction was more pronounced by Spence and his team, finally causing the Swiss moderator to call for order and quiet. They returned the paper to the CO USFK.

The CO USFK hurriedly wrote instructions on the piece of paper, handed it to the aide, and sent him quickly away. He turned and whispered in the Intelligence General’s ear.

The Intelligence General spoke to Spence. Spence tapped Harvey. Harvey summoned Cowboy.

Harvey turned to Cowboy, “Your file says you can make your telephone do some unusual things. We need to turn the tables on the North Koreans and use one of their spy techniques against them.”

Cowboy asked, “What do you need?”

“Aren’t you able to modify your unique cell phone. Can’t you rig it up, and locate Jaqwi’s cell phone, and pair it up with Jagwi’s phone so that we can monitor his phone calls? There are a lot of phones in this room, so you have your work cut out for you.”

Cowboy nodded, eased his phone out, and began tapping the keys on his phone.

Across the table beginning with Jagwi’s phone, and in the room behind Jagwi, cell phones began ringing. Jagwi spoke briefly to someone, looked at his phone curiously, and hung up. Then after composing himself, he smiled across the table at the CO USFK. The smoke wafted out both sides of his mouth.

Harvey looked questioningly at Cowboy.

Cowboy nodded and softly, said, “Hooah!”

Harvey winked at him. He turned to Spence and spoke to him.

After the moderator had achieved quiet in the room, he began, “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has lodged the following accusations against the The Republic of Korea and the Armed Forces of the United States:

“One, you have attacked and killed members of the armed forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and you have kidnapped an officer of their armed forces and refused to return him to his country:

“Two, you have imperiously ordered them not to mention publically that you have done these things to them and to keep quiet about the whole endeavor:

“Three, you imperiously ordered them not send operatives, covert or otherwise, to find or attempt to save Colonel Wanjeon:

“Four, you have accused them of aggression against The Republic of Korea by tunneling in South Korea:

“Five, you have egregiously accused them of storing nuclear devices in South Korea:

“Six, you have egregiously and militarily aggressively threatened to use tunnels you have, yourselves, dug in South Korea to store armaments, equipment, and to conduct troop movements that the peace loving Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will never see, and that they will never know where your armed forces are in violation of the unwritten agreement to suspend hostilities between you and the peace-loving peoples of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:

“And seven, you have imperiously ordered that if they fail to follow your instructions, you will immediately inform the International Atomic Energy Agency of the location where you have maliciously claimed they have allegedly hidden nuclear devices, and you have claimed that they have deceived and misled the International Agency and the entire world.

“The peace loving Democratic People’s Republic of Korea offer into evidence a recording made of a conversation between your translator and them. Do you wish to hear this piece of evidence?”

The CO USFK, spoke, “We were given a copy earlier, which we verified to be a true and exact copy of what our translator said to them. We will stipulate that it is a correct recording.”

After the translator at the hearing finished translating, General Jagwi stood and reminded, “Mr. Moderator, I think it is vital to our cause that the world be allowed to hear the aggressive and imperialistic demands made by the Republic of Korea and their toadies, the Americans, who claim to be protecting them from the peace-loving peoples of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” He sat down.

The CO USFK stood, “Mr. Moderator, we have agreed to stipulate, for the sake of brevity and a speedy hearing, that the recording is true and correct. There is no need to drag out this hearing with delaying tactics and obfuscation.”

After hearing the translator, General Jagwi jumped to his feet and exclaimed “The Americans don’t want the world to hear their imperialistic and aggressive demands. We must object to this self-serving tactic and insist that the recording be played. You know the rules of this meeting allow us to insist.”

The Swiss moderator said, “Gentlemen, I remind you. Under the rules of this meeting, when a party insists, we have to give favor to that party.” He paused, noting the raised finger of the IAEA.

The representative said, “We would like to hear the recording.”

Jagwi sat down.

The Moderator played the recording of Aleumdaun’s demands made in the tunnel after the battle there.

Translators rendered translations.

The moderator said to the ROK and American representatives, “What say you to these accusations.”

The CO USFK stood, “Regarding the charge that we have attacked and killed members of the armed forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and that we have kidnapped an officer of their armed forces and refused to return him to his country, I submit the following.” He provided picture packages for the conference table.

He explained, “The first photo was taken at the site where we discovered the first tunnel. The soldier who discovered the tunnel and fell into it is here and is willing to testify as to the existence of the tunnel system. We would like for him to testify to those facts.

“The second picture is of the breach in the tunnel wall, under South Korean soil, showing the repair tools and the DPRK detachment’s machine gun emplacement set up to fire upon any ROK or USFK personnel who might emerge from the breach.

“Our personnel had already discovered the breach and were investigating it when the DPRK detachment arrived and set up their machine gun. That&rsqu...

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