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from Love's Critical Ground by L.K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2017–2021 Lasrry K. Thompson

Chapter 32


North Korean Capitol

DPRK Army Intelligence HQ

Monitoring Center For Tunnel Infiltration

1330 hours Sierra



Comment of the Moment: “Sweat was forming on the General’s upper lip.”



Sergeant Gisulja sat at his monitoring station, his gut clenched, sweat rolling down his cheeks. Aleumdaun had just informed him of the capture of the DPRK detachment sent to secure the cave-in and to make repairs.

SOP called for him to notify headquarters. His problem was if he notified headquarters first, and General Jagwi was not disciplined, the General would skin him alive. But if the General were to be disciplined, the rules would protect him from retribution by the General. Part of the problem was that he had seen Jagwi wiggle his way out of trouble many times before.

In the end, he thought, one could not get around the facts. There was a breech in the tunnel wall. The Americans had found the breech. The Americans would probably find the other empty nuclear devices. The Americans had captured a DPRK detachment. Members of the detachment were dead. The person who had commanded the drilling crew had defected and was now willing to work with the Americans. Lastly, the Americans held the trump card that could expose the DPRK’s nuclear hiding places.

The only bright spot was that for some reason the Americans were w...

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