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from Love's Critical Ground by L.K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2017–2021 Lasrry K. Thompson

Chapter 29


Army Intelligence Detachment A

LTC Spence’s Mission, Over-Eye

City of Alpine, Brewster County, Texas

0800 hours Sierra



Comment of the Moment: “He pulled the trigger.”



The three were in Alpine. They were parked across the street from the US Post Office. Spence said, “Let me go inside and pickup my new satellite phone.”

Moments later he returned with a package. After opening it, he took out the phone and a new battery. He assembled the phone. He turned it on, and read the general’s note. He turned to the other two and gave them his new number. Then he phoned Mungo.

After Mungo came on the line, Spence identified himself. Mungo said, “Over-Eye, am I glad to hear from you. I’ve been dialing your number since this morning, but I haven’t been able to reach you. What has happened?”

Spence replied, “Under-Eye, my phone had been hacked. The DPRK knew it, and the people we were after here in Texas knew it. They all knew what we were planning. We discovered the scheme, and we had to turn off the old satellite phone. I couldn’t call you and tell you because if I had, both the DPRK and the terrorists here would have heard the same information and would have changed their agenda.”

Mungo gasped, “Oh, my God.”

“Truly. We fed them a red herring, and then we turned the phone off. I had asked the General to send me a new one, and we’re talking on it now. Do you have a pencil? I’ll give you the new number.”

After Mungo took the number, he asked, “Did you find the rats there in Texas?”

“Yes, we know who we’re looking for.”

“Incredible! Okay, we found a worm hole. We found the person who guided the worm hole construction. He is a DPRK Colonel. He wants to join our side. He has told us the worm holes are pervasive. We killed a few rats, and we captured a few rats. I had to ask the base commander for some MPs. I need to tell him about our mission because we found an egg in his AO beneath his HQ.

“Additionally, we have found eggs in crates at other locations. Strangely enough, none of the eggs had yolks in them. They could produce nothing except proof that something was in them at one time.”

“Holy shit, Under-Eye! Okay. Here’s what I want you to do. You have accomplished your mission completely. You have the person who guided worm hole construction. He can tell you where all of them are and where the lasers and motion sensors are. Take his story, and then verify the locations. Swear the camp commander and the MPs to complete secrecy. Good job.”

Mungo said, “Thank you sir.” He confessed, “Also, we have sort of created a diplomatic shit storm here with our capture of the rats. You may be called upon to testify at a diplomatic negotiation table when you return.”

“Oh, crap! I’ll need to brief the General on this and get approval.”

“Sir, he may have to come also.”

“Understood. I’ll contact him. Over-Eye out.”

“Under-Eye out.”

To Harvey and Williams, Spence ordered, “Listen to the radio. It just said that something significant is going on at several highway intersections. Did both of you hear them name the intersections that we suspected?”

They both answered in the affirmative, “Copy that, sir.”

“Okay then. We know we’re ahead of the group for the location west of Alpine.

“There is no way we can observe or verify the strength or the weapons for any of the other combatants now. Let’s pull onto a side street, point this truck south toward the main roads. We’ll watch those two roads, east bound and west bound to see if we get a truck load of the Middle Easterners, or a truck load headed for the ambush site west of town.

“While we wait, let’s talk about the call to Mungo.

Williams moved their pickup to a convenient location. They discussed Spence’s call to Mungo.

Spence began, “Mungo’s group, found a worm hole, captured a detachment of rats, and they captured the rat Colonel who commanded the worm hole drillers. He has told them about the worm holes, and they are quite extensive. I’ll bet that the powers that be might let him defect and dig some counter tunnels for the ROK and the US. Also, they found egg cases, but the cases did not have critical material in them. It was bizarre. It looks like our General is going to have to fly to Korea to advise the Commander USFK.

Harvey blurted, “Holy crap!”

Williams said, “Damn!”

They had been sitting, watching, and discussing Mungo’s report and their stay in Benavidez for about 30 minutes, when a sheriff’s patrol car pulled up behind them.

Two officers dressed in local law enforcement uniforms exited the patrol car and approached the pickup, their hands resting on the pistol grips of their weapons.

Cruz, who had noticed their approach in his driver’s side mirror, murmured, “Oops, we got a problem.”

Spence asked, “What?”

Cruz explained, “Local law enforcement.”

Spence sighed, “Let’s all cooperate peacefully.”

One officer approached on the driver’s side, the other on the passenger side. The officer on the driver’s side motioned for Cruz to roll down his window. Still not approaching too closely, he spoke, “I see from your license plates, that you’re not from around here, May I see your driver’s license, please, and some ID on you two.” He indicated Spence and Harvey.

He raised his free hand, palm toward them, and said, “Slowly, please.”

The three produced their military driver’s licenses.

The officer looked at the licenses, and exclaimed, “Hey, these are Army driver’s licenses. I used to have one of these.”

Still maintaining his distance, he asked, “What are you guys doing here?”

Spence thought quickly. Finally, said, “No problem. I am the commander of this small group. We are tracking some...” he paused momentarily, “A group of what we believe to be terrorists. We think they may be intent on blocking the roads in this area of Texas and causing mayhem. We think they may be setting up a road block a few miles west of Alpine.”

The Officer replied, “Now, that’s interesting because our office received a call from the DPS. The guys at the DPS have told us that a small group of individuals wearing Middle Eastern garb has blocked the road west of town and is threatening to detonate some kind of nuclear bomb. We’re trying to keep things calm here in town...

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