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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 19




UNIT: Team Reliant

SITUATION: After-Action Report

LOCATION: Team Reliant Offices

TIME: 0900 hours Local Time, the Next Day



Spence assumed his normal place at the damaged table with Harvey sitting next to him. Harvey cringed as Spence ordered, “All right, Mister Harvey, let’s have a debriefing. But first, a question. How well did Dutch Slover perform?”

Harvey turned to look at Slover, and Harvey raised one eyebrow. He turned back to Spence, "Sir, Slover was a willing and professional addition to the team, and I would have him with me again.”

Spence nodded, “I’ll take your word for it."

Harvey stood and nodded at everyone. “We believe that we have located the hotel that General Jagwi is staying in.”

“What about why you didn’t capture him in the first stairwell, and what is it about the hotel that gives you cause to believe he is in that hotel?”

“Sir, you’ve seen our prisoner. He is the one who has given us that information. We believe it to be accurate. Miss Dawn has located the hotel on the map there in front of you sir. She climbed the stairs to confirm its function. We ascertained that location by measuring the distance from the meat shop to that point. We have to hold our South Korean captive in limbo until we are able to check out General Jagwi’s location.”

“I see. I assume you have a plan?”

“Yes, sir. Because Olaedoen Seiji is a part-time law enforcement officer, he has secured for us a legal warrant to search the hotel. After this briefing, we will go directly to the hotel and attempt to search for Jagwi.”

“Okay, do you have a plan to cover any back doors where he might escape?”

“Yes, sir. As we speak, Dawn and Mungo are leading part of yesterday’s team back through the tunnels to cover the two underground exits that we are aware of.”

“You mean there might be other exits?”

“To our knowledge, there are no other underground escape points.”

“And how do you know this?”

“Because our captive has told us that.”

“And you believe him?”

“Well, sir. He told us that under threat of death.”

“But still, Mister Harvey, he could have lied. He might have been willing to say anything to keep from being killed. After all he is on General Jagwi’s

side. It is a dangerous thing to base a mission upon an unreliable source.”

“Well, sir, this Korean is information is the only information that we have about the location of General Jagwi. If you will remember, we chased Jagwi to Switzerland on other unsubstantiated information, and he was there where the information said he would be. This information is firsthand from someone who knows him personally.”

“What is the information you have is faulty? Are you willing to lead a mission that might fail?”

Harvey hesitated, “We believe this information to be correct.”

“So, you are willing to lead a mission on that information alone.”

“Sir, it’s all we have.”

“Okay, since no weapons will be involved in this effort, even if you don’t catch the General, at least it will be good live-action training.”

“Yes sir, but we are hoping for the real thing this time.”

“Okay, mission approved. Come back with information that will give me some joy. By that I mean, if you fail to bring back Jagwi, you had better bring back something.”

“Roger that, sir. Okay team let’s go to the cars.”

As they walked from the office building to their cars, Olaedoen commented, “Good grief, Spence is certainly tough on giving approval for a new effort against Jagwi.”

Harvey shrugged, “He has his reasons....

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