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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 17




UNIT: Team Reliant

SITUATION: Break-in Noises In The Dark

LOCATION: Team Reliant Offices

TIME: 0400 hours Local Time, Current Date



With all team personnel upstairs and sleep, the office, downstairs, was necessarily dark. The building and its occupants slumbered. The team members were in their assigned rooms, which made it an opportune time for the misery makers who had followed Slover back from one of his private trips to the brothels of Yalu Street.

The thing that woke Dawn and the members of the team upstairs was the crashing of bricks and rocks through the plate glass windows downstairs. In the quiet of the night, the noise was sudden and tumultuous. The first thing that Dawn and those who were awakened by the chaos said to themselves was, “What the hell is going on?” As the noise continued for approximately five minutes, everyone upstairs


had been awakened by that noise. They each grabbed a semi-appropriate item of clothing and hurried downstairs.

Dawn saw that Spence was clothes in slacks, bedroom slippers, and a long sleeve shirt which he was buttoning up as he stood at the bottom of the stairs trying to find out what had occurred.

She saw Harvey standing behind him holding a flashlight. He was clothed in a bedtime robe. He shined the flashlight around the floor of the office area. His flashlight revealed broken window glass gleaming brightly in the flashlight beam. She heard his response, “Don’t anyone go on that floor barefooted.”

She stood behind him, a nighttime sleeping eye mask was pulled up to her forehead. She wore a bedtime robe. Her first response was and erupted “Oh, my God.”

Before she could say more, she heard, Slover, who stood behind her and was clothed in a pair of slacks and a T-shirt, which made his upper muscular body appear form fitted, order, “Some-body turn on a light.”

Someone found the light switch and flipped it up. The light revealed more than just the broken windows. Spence’s office Windows were shattered. Broken glass in large shards and gleaming cracked pieces covered his desk, his chair, and his floor.

The secretarial area revealed not only shards of broken glass, but is also revealed bricks lying on top of broken computer keyboards and broken monitors.

She watched while with furrowed brown, Spence took in the scene and ordered, “All right, people, get some clothes on, grab some brooms, and let’s get this office area cleaned up. Pearly, I want you to check the back shop to see what is damaged there...

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