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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 16




UNIT: The Team Reliant and Olaedoen

SITUATION: Mission Discussion

LOCATION: Ready Room/Team Reliant

TIME: 0800 hours Local Time, Current Date



The team left the building and went out to the large driveway in front of their office building. Using chalk, they drew the approximate lines of how the tunnel was laid out under the meat shop. They drove their scooters, with Pearly in the lead with his instruments. They approached slowly, halted, and upon a signal from Harvey, advanced to their positions and acted out taking down the guards. After five practice runs, Harvey called a halt, held a briefing, and they put their scooters into the back of an army deuce and half truck. They loaded themselves and their equipment into the truck, and Cruz drove them to Camp Bowie.

Harvey briefed them, questioned them on their parts in the mission, and prepared to execute the mission.

As they prepared to enter the tunnel, Dude asked, "Do we know if there is another way into the tunnel there on Yalu Street." He shrugged, "I mean, if they have an entrance at the meat shop, why wouldn't they have another for emergencies? I don't know how long it takes them to make another entrance from another location, but it seems to me that another entrance or exit would be the thing to have. Wouldn't it? I would have one."

Slover complained, "Why didn't you ask this question sooner? For instance, why didn’t you ask it before we started our first attempt to capture Jagwi in the tunnel?"

"Sorry, I just started thinking if my hideout had been compromised once, why wouldn't I find or have made another way out of the tunnel created?"

Harvey agreed with Slover Isir him and all, "Yeah, I specifically asked for suggestions and questions."

"Hey, don't beat me up over this. Why didn't one of you guys think of it? I mean you are intelligence analysts."

Mungo intervened, "Come on guys. Please. After all, it is a good question to ask. What are we going to do about it?"

Harvey sighed, "That would be the question of the day, and we need to give it full consideration. Let's talk about it."

Harvey waved the group to come and stand before him. "Okay, the concept of having one or more entrances and exits out of the tunnel makes sense. I don't know why we didn't consider that at first. But we didn't, so, let me rephrase the issue. First, how many other entrances might there be? Anybody have an answer?"

Slover offered, "That probably would depend on how long he's been here. If he has been here, say a month, and if he is in with the local Communist Party, he may have been able to convince them to make five or more. Who knows how many more? We don't, because we don't know what he has planned for the Communist Party in Seoul. He's a General. He's knows how to fight battles. He knows what planning means."


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